A treat for your feet!

Our poor feet will have spent most of the winter months stuffed into socks and jammed into boots so now it’s time to show them we love them and give them a bit of pampering!

Mint Footbath & Massage Oil

This soothing footbath is great any time of the year for tired feet, but especially good now if you follow it up with this wonderful mint massage oil. Use the massage oil just before bed and it will smooth and soften your feet as you sleep… If you apply the massage oil at some other time do be careful not to slip.

Mint Bath:

  • 12 large sprigs of mint
  • 120ml/4flo oz cold water
  • 2.4 litres/4 pints boiling water 

Massage oil 

  • 1 tbsp almond oil
  • 1 drop mint essential oil

1. Place the mint in a food processor and add the cold water. Process well until it becomes a green purée. Pour this into a large bowl and add the boiling water. Once the mixture has cooled to a bearable temperature, soak both feet at once until the water is too cool to be comforting.

2. Gently rub your feet dry with a soft towel. Mix the almond oil and the mint essential oil and rub well into both feet.

I think we quite often neglect our feet but, once you’ve tried pampering them, you will find how relaxing and soothing it is and how generally ‘content’ it makes you feel… sigh!

PS. Mint is another ‘essential’ herb as far as I’m concerned. Last week I suggested you grow bay and parsley, and to that list I’d add mint. However, mint is a herb to keep your eye on! Always keep it in a pot as it will spread and grow very quickly and take over everything else if you let it.

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  1. Jane says:

    Fab recipe Joanna, I am going to have to try this one as I walk many miles a day with my little Westie and I think I will certainly benefit from this. Jane x

  2. Christina Smith says:

    Iovely receipe Joanna we sometimes forget to give our feet some pampering going to try this l always have mint in my herb garden you will find you will use it a lot and new poatoes don't taste good without your fresh mint from the garden .My late mum always kept mint in a vase on kitchen window ledge in the summer to stop flies coming in as they don't like mint! Joanna my Daisy and friends cd came yesterday it is such a sweet cd with so much in it just love it. Happy Crafting xx

  3. Malinda says:

    Great tips Joanna, I have 3 different types of mint in my herb garden and cant be without them. I love mint tea using real mint esp if my tum is palying up a wee bit. Mint is one of those herbs that is so useful, a real must have as far as I am concerned, along with Lemon Balm.

  4. Jackie says:

    Hi Joanna, Thank you for e-mail. Love the idea of pampering my poor little tootsies! Will give this a go.
    I am addicted to House Mice at the moment. Have lots of the decoupage sheets and also your inserts CD.
    I make cards for our local Childrens Hospice and these are popular. Although I must admit as people don't have much spare cash at the moment I try to make easy ones that I can sell cheaper and the best ones get kept for family and friends.
    Keep up the good work and say hello to Jo for me, she is doing well with your products on C & C. I did meet her at her shop in Coningsby when visiting friends there this summer.
    I love watching you both – keep up the marvelous work.
    Jackie from Grays, Essex

  5. Lynne says:

    This sounds wonderful, especially the massage oil as I'm struggling with dry foot probs at the moment.
    I've just caught up with this blog, and after reading some previous posts, I've stolen your breakfast dish of smoked salmon and scrambled egg. It made my mouth water!!
    Thank you for that……

  6. CarolPG says:

    Ooh – love mint but would baby oil work the same instead of almond oil Joanna? (I have a severe nut allergy so almond oil is a no-no for me)

    Lovin' this blog too.

    C xx

  7. Dawn McCall says:

    That teatment sounds great. Will be trying it in the next few dawys and will certainly grown some mint in a bowl
    Thanks Joaanna

  8. Joanna Sheen says:

    Hi CarolPG – and anyone else with a nut allergy – I’m sure baby oil would be fine, or you could use light olive oil. But as you say, almond oil would be a no-no for you with your nut allergy.

    Thank you for all the positive feed-back and delighted this beauty tip is so popular!

    Smiles, Joanna


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