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The garden is looking so forlorn at the moment that I popped into a local florist last week when my eye was caught by a lovely burst of colour – a bunch of pink, purple and cream anemones! Such cheerful flowers, I bought some and did an informal arrangement that has really brightened up my craft room. I used a terracotta pot from the patio which helps give a feel of bringing the garden inside.

Depending on where you live, anemones should soon be emerging in your gardens but, if like me you can’t wait, you should easily find them in a florist or supermarket at this time of year. Hellebores, which as everyone probably knows by now are one of my most favourite plants, are certainly out this time of year and I’ve made use of their amazing leaves in this arrangement too.

Anemones in terracotta

Most of us only think of using terracotta outdoors, but it can look stunning when used for informal arrangements indoors. Either waterproof the container by coating the inside with PVA adhesive and blocking the hole in the base or, much more simply, put your flowers in a jam jar hidden inside the container.

You will need:

12 – 15 Helliborus foetidus leaves

3-4 bunches of mixed anemones

One jam jar (or seal the container, as above)

One terracotta pot

1.            Clean the pot if it has been outside, but don’t scrub too hard as the discolouration is really attractive. Put the jam jar inside the pot (or waterproof as mentioned above) and fill with water. Place the hellibore leaves around the pot and a random way to forma base for the flowers.

2.            Place the flowers in the container one at a time, mixing the colours randomly. Ensure that the stems are well down in the water. This is an informal arrangement, and the look should be natural – the backs of the flowers and curves of stems can be as attractive as the full face.

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  1. Lynda says:

    They were my grandmas favourite and thus have I have always loved the colour palette of them
    I also love the informal way you have displayed them . Will have a go!

  2. Jacqueline says:

    I made a new years resolution this year not to be without fresh flowers in my home. I do not spend vast amounts of money on large bunches of flowers a small bunch of beautiful anenomes in a lovely pot is all that is needed to brighten up any day. I never cease to be amazed at the wondrous variety of colours that Nature brings us.Although I now live in Wales my heart is still in the West Country,I lived in Por;ock for twenty years and there isn't a day goes by that I don't miss it.Your Country Blog brings a little bit of pleasure to my day.

  3. Barbara Parkin says:

    Your anemone arrangement is stunning. Many years ago, I was chosen to become the first Sunday School Queen at Pitt Street Methodist Church, Barnsley. The flower of my choice was the anemone to use as a colour theme for all my attendants. We used paler shades of the beautiful flowers and my dress was a pale lilac. I became Queen Anemone, being crowned Queen Forget-me-not a year later. Thank you for bringing back all the wonderful memories.

    Barbara Jones as I was then, now Parkin


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