House-Mouse Celebrations

I thought I would show you this card again – some of you may recognise it from many years ago, but to show you how much I loved it, this has been on my craft room wall all this time. I loved making it and have treasured it and refused to give it away to anyone. How mean am I? Do you ever make cards that you can’t face parting with?

The patchwork background is not too difficult to make, just rather time–consuming. I used a couple of papers that, in those days, we sold in packs but you can buy them now on the House-Mouse decoupage CD. Then I picked a light and olive green to blend with them. Carefully I snipped out lots of one–inch squares, centring the little mousey faces and the wood effect HM paper is also in one–inch squares. The green I cut into one–inch squares and then snipped across the diagonal to make them into triangles.

There are four squares of patchwork that I stuck onto plain white paper and then trimmed that away to give it more strength. I then constructed the card with copper card on a pearl white card blank. The mouse and leaves were all stamped and cut out but again you could use a suitable image from the House-Mouse Decoupage CD.

There is a shortcut you could take that wasn’t available in those days – how about just die cutting patchwork shaped pieces with one of our Signature Dies Patchwork? I would suggest using the smallest size.

Sometimes cards are fiddly but they give a lot of pleasure once they’re finished … and guess what? It is going straight back onto my craft room wall, I’m not parting with this one!

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  1. Heather says:

    Hi Joanna
    I love this card and haven't done 'patchwork' cards for ages. I agree it can take a long time so I think that's a brilliant idea about using the dies to cut the squares. Thanks once again fir sharing your ideas
    Hugs x

  2. janet says:

    I have a set of patchwork punches, including a half inch and one inch squares and corresponding triangles and diamonds. I used to do a lot of patchwork so I love this card, which I remember when you first showed it. It made me get out my punches back then and I just might have another play now.
    I wish some of the older techniques would come back -'real' papercrafting was so satisfying-even more so than using dies and premade pieces now available. I started making cards about 30 years ago (22years ago I did it daily, before that it was just for special birthdays and for Christmas) and there was nothing premade then, everything as made from scratch and how satsifying that was. While I love my die cutting, stamping and some other short-cuts, I still love turning a piece of plain paper into something special, as you have Joanna.

  3. sallyann says:

    thats lovely and yes very time consuming i bet ! makes me want to dig out good old house mouse products again..i havent used them in a while. As for keeping things..yes recently i made a totally mad picture intended for a topper on a card from just stamping and inking….i showed it my family and they were not keen at all, but i love it !..and its on my wall by my desk and staying there. when ive put so much work into a card i often wish it didnt have to go..but i sell cards and so to new homes they must go…sometimes with sadness , sometimes with xx


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