Seaside memories – help the National Trust celebrate caring for our coast!

Sand between my toes, shivering (and slightly terrified!) in the waves and enjoying a fast-melting ice cream – just a few of my cherished childhood memories of seaside holidays! This year, The National Trust is celebrating 50 years of caring for the coast with the Coastal Festival. It is collecting stories from people who love the coast and are asking them to take part by answering seven coastal questions and then posting their answers on their blog or Facebook page.

So, here are my seven answers.

Teignmouth Beach… complete with groynes!1. What’s your favourite beach?

Now remember we are talking about British beaches here, I will pipe down about Caribbean sand(!). I think my favourite has to be my closest as that’s where we have built so many memories. Teignmouth beach has a lovely long promenade and so has been useful for newly walking babies, elderly folks who can’t walk far and dogs that need to use up some energy!

2. Sea or sand?

I like damp, firm sand, but the kind that gets in your sandwiches … mmm not so much! So I’ll go for sea.

3. Tell a memory of being by the sea.

I have happy memories of my girls playing on the beach but the most amusing was probably Emily when she was little, bouncing along the beach with Richard until they got to a wooden breaker water – I think the official name is groyne … but anyway a strip of wood that runs up the beach to help keep the sand in place etc. They were both running and jumping, they ran up to it, jumped over it … but, unfortunately, the level the other side was three feet lower and it was full of water … so they had an early bath that day!

Ah, the good old 99!4. What’s your favourite seaside food?

Favourite seaside food … ooh what to choose? Fish and chips or a 99…? Hard choice, can I have one of each please? 

5. Favourite ice cream flavour?

As this is talking about the seaside I will restrict the range to choose from (ie skip all the Ben and Jerry ones on my list!) and I would say coffee followed by chocolate – but to be honest, if you are offering I’ll be thrilled with any of them

6. Have you lived by the sea?

Does three miles from the beach and one mile to a panoramic vista across the coast count? I would love to live actually on the edge of the beach (assuming I had double glazing) I think a sea view is wonderful.

Fossils on fascinating Lyme Regis beach.7. Favourite place on the coast?

I chose Teignmouth for my favourite beach so I don’t think I would choose it a second time and I would probably opt for Lyme Regis as there are such exciting fossils to entertain the children with – happy memories.

I’d love to hear your memories too, and so would the National Trust! It asks that you take part now with 7 questions tag – coast facts. Post with answers on your blog or Facebook page and then tag 7 friends or bloggers. 




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  1. Heather says:

    Hi Joanna
    My favourite beach is Rest Bay Porthcawl
    I love watching the waves so my favourite would have to be Sea
    My Granddaughter collecting seashells on the beach and looking for fish in the rock pools with her
    My favourite seaside food has to be Fish and Chips
    Favourite ice cream flavour is Vanilla with a chocolate flake
    I live in my dream place two minutes from the sea and beach. I used to come here on trips with my three sons we made an agreement that when they grew up one would buy me a house there, another would buy me a boat and the third one would buy me a car. I never got the boat, my eldest did buy me the car and I bought my own house so one out of three ain't bad lol 😂
    My favourite coastal place is where I live in Porthcawl South Wales, but I love so many other coastal places Pembrokeshire is one, Devon and Cornwall are another two so really I just love any coastal area because they each have their own beauty.
    Writing this post has reminded me of some fabulous memories so thank you Joanna.
    Hugs x

  2. James and Amos says:

    What a wonderful post Joanna

    My first 9yrs of life were in Sussex and many times when the f1 was on my dad would watch that and my mumsie and I would go down to Brighton on the train. Loved it although I didn't like the pebbles! I used to be treated too a stick of rock.

    When I was 9 my dad retired and we came to the seaside town of Looe, Cornwall. Beautiful and 5 min walk to the beach. Lots of happy memories at Looe beach, including rock pools and crabbing. It was always like a scene from famous five.

    Joanna you mention Teignmouth. Teignmouth and Dawlish hold the most special memories of Amols and I. We did all our training staying at Teignmouth and lovely memories on the beach. It makes me smile when I go through on the train.

    When it comes to ice cream flavour it has to be vanilla with a large spoonful of Cornish clotted cream on top, also adore fish and chips with loads of salt and vinegar eating it of a paper bag, wooden fork and breathing in the sea air.

  3. janet says:

    Grew up in Australia with a view of the sea from my bedroom window. Can't answer the questions cos my answers would have to relate to Australian beaches etc. So different from British beaches. I did go to the beach here before we emigrated when I was 6 years old, but don't have any real memories of them. Oz beaches are best by far!!


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