Growing up fast…

My partner in crime writing, Julia, got a new puppy back in March last year and we introduced you to her the following month – Moss, a Wirehaired German Pointer. Well, Moss is now one year old and has grown up into quite a character! She has her own Facebook page and also ‘writes’ reviews for a local business ‘Dartmoor Accommodation’ about dog-friendly places to visit. We thought we’d let her bring you up to date with her life so far…

Hello! I am Moss, the Dartmoor Dog Blogger. I have grown up a lot since you last saw me and I no longer look like a Spaniel. My lovely wirehaired coat has grown, and I am generally regarded as rather gorgeous with a fine moustache and beard. I also have pale greeny gold eyes which, I am told, are one of my best features.

I am lucky (so she keeps telling me) as I live on a farm on Dartmoor so I get lots of nice walks by the river, on the moor or just around the fields on the farm. I am especially fond of puddles, and I like to lie in them, but I am not a very good swimmer yet, I am still learning. I enjoy being in the waves in the sea when we go on holiday and I did swim a bit in Cornwall last summer.

A few of my favourite things! Top to bottom: The watering can incident, puddle bathing, mulching, erm… cushion chewing, relaxing on the sofa.I am, apparently, quite naughty and not very obedient (whatever that is!) and I do like a good chew. I have chewed all sorts of things – from my bed, to the aerial cable and part of a watering can, to name but a few. Different things have different textures and I like to try them out.

I have also tried different types of food such as raw spaghetti and garlic (euw!). Every day, as well as my proper food, I have natural yogurt, raw carrots and some pumpkin seeds – which are very yummy and I would like to eat them all the time. I am a very healthy dog! I also like to recycle things, like paper and cardboard and chew them up ready for the bin men. I am also good at mulching in the garden, chewing everything up and then spreading it around and sometimes bringing it into the house… which she doesn’t appreciate.

Sometimes, we go and visit nice places like hotels or pubs where they welcome dogs, some have water bowls and dog biscuits and special towels for me to wipe my feet on. I have to sit and watch her chomp her way through free meals and afternoon tea and I get given titbits. She then writes about it and I get even more famous! I think she probably get a better deal out of it than I do, but I do get to meet lots of new people, who are always very nice to me.

All in all, it’s not a bad life. I get to sleep a lot and relax on the sofa, it is quite tiring being famous and it is hard work training her to do what I want, but I am getting there… I reckon she’ll be well-trained by the end of this year.

Licks, Moss.

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  1. caroline reed says:

    aw bless her! so sweet, we have a Jack Russell, who also likes to be centre of attention! you can't help but love and spoil them! such loyal friends xx
    Caroline x

  2. Fergus says:

    Hi I'm Fergus and I'm a Newfoundland. I once appeared in Joanna's newsletter – which I was very excited about. You look like a lovely lady and you have very beautiful eyes. I love splashing in puddles, actually I just adore water and getting wet, well I am a Newf! I'm going to take a look at your Facebook page. I have my own blog but it doesn't get updated very often as obviously I don't have opposable thumbs and my human, Tracy Welham, is usually busy updating her own blog with craft creations. She has taken time out of her busy schedule, she is currently reading Danger's Last Resort, to write this comment.
    Drools & Barks to you Moss from Fergus. xxx

  3. janet says:

    BOL!! You are certainly a character Moss dear. I have been to 'like' your FB page so I can see what you get up to. Just as well you don't like garlic -it isn't at all good for dogs! If we ever come to Devon Polly and Callie whippet will look to see where you think is good for them to visit!
    Your Aunty Joanna sould get herself a fur friend for you to play wiv, one day soon. There is nuffink quite like the love of a dog -and so many need the love of a good, kind hooman. You must tell her Moss.

  4. bonnie W. says:

    Hello Moss, My nam,e is Rocky and I think we are partners in crime. My parents rescued me from the dog shelter a few months ago and I too just love to chew. Thank you so much for the different texture excuse. My folks get quite angry at me at times, just because I eat their underware , try out the food on the table, chew the stuffing out of eveyrthing, How do I know it is mommy's faviorit Father Christmas? Sorry for the spelling mistakes but I am a dog after all. Despite all my shenanigans they really love me and I am very happy in this house. I even have a doggie door so I can go outside whenever I want too. The other night ai went out and found a new friend PEHEW he was so pretty with his black and white tail but he had a very bad body order. My dad gave me a bathe in tomato juice and I really didn't care about that. Maybe i WILL START A BLOG TOO ABOUT ALL MY ADVENTURES. tHANKS FOR THE IDEAS AND maybe we can be pen pals. Wouldn't you like that? Love Rocky


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