A Murderous Success!

Well, what can I say other than ‘thank you’? My partner in crime writing, Julia, and I have been thrilled by the response to our latest novel, ‘A Fowl Murder’. It has sold incredibly well and the early reviews have all been very kind.

We have, tentatively, started thinking about a fourth novel in the series, set in the winter time. However, we both lead fairly hectic lives and have all sorts of other projects ‘on the go’, so we need to sit down and discuss it further…

Of course, the talking and the plotting is the fun bit! We both enjoy creating new characters and thinking up dastardly ends for some poor unsuspecting soul or other. Writing as a team has distinct advantages – egging each other on when the going gets tough, but has disadvantages too – as when continuity gets scrambled and characters have been known to change name or completely vanish!

Going over and over your work and editing and correcting can be a hard slog and cups of tea tend to mysteriously change into glasses of wine every now and then… and then of course, there’s the need for all the cake baking and recipe testing to ensure authenticity! It can be a tough job…

There’s also the fear of arrest. Julia was sitting in a pub garden discussing a potential plot idea with a friend and said: “I really don’t know if we could get away with stabbing him. It’s too obvious, perhaps poison might be better?” At which point, her friend pointed out that a passing waiter has turned pale and has now having an urgent whispered discussion with a colleague. A flurry of embarrassed explanation followed, and she was able to leave after her drink with nothing more than suspicious glances, and not in handcuffs.

I have been known to wander around garden centres asking about the poisonous potential of plants and shrubs. I may even have used my Granddaughter, Grace, as the reason for my concern, disgraceful!

And so, dear readers, if you ever hear of two middle aged women from Devon being held in custody, you will come and explain, won’t you…?


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  1. Pauline King says:

    Hahahaha!!! Oh yes I would definitely come to the rescue of you lovely ladies because we need you for more gripping stories love Pauline xx

  2. Heather says:

    Hi Joanna
    I've got the Kindke version and haven't started it yet because I'm going away on holiday and have to fly, terrified of flying so will be reading your book to keep me occupied. I can see you and Julia being carted off handcuffed protesting your innocence lol!
    Hugs x

  3. Sharon Goodley says:

    It was yet another fabulous read… Maybe need to walk around with a sign saying co-authors discussing our next novel teehee looking forward to what comes next 🙂 xxx

  4. Carolyn says:

    Have just finished my Kindle version and really enjoyed the plot. Looking forward to the next adventure, hopefully it won't get you and Julia into more trouble!

  5. Janet Johnson says:

    Loved your tales of near arrest. Love book number 3 and can't wait for number 4! These books would make a FABULOUS serial or even a film?! x

  6. Theresa Gray says:

    Reading "A Fowl Murder" at the moment and as usual a great read, so please keep up the good work.. Can't wait for the next adventure, just be careful where you discuss you new plot!!! As we don't want you and Julia being questioned by the boy's in blue. X


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