A whole new meaning to a ‘kitchen garden’!

I am really getting into growing our own veg this summer – gold star to Joanna for ticking box on ‘must do’ list! As you may have realised, I am not one for wasting things. Well, OK, so I am a typical crafter and I hoard things… but I also like to recycle and make use of ‘waste’ products in the garden too. We all go on about ‘being green’ and reducing our carbon footprint, but really, this is all common sense stuff that previous generations did as a matter of course!

Slug off!
If you want to give your garden slugs a hard time and, like me don’t like using slug pellets, save your coffee grounds! Empty the bits left in your cafetière or machine on to the soil around your plants. They not only keep the pests at bay they will enrich the soil too.

Now this idea is a little contentious… but you could try submerging some plastic cups into your veg beds around your plants and fill them with beer. Yes, beer. The slugs will be attracted to the beer and drop into the cups. Richard is not entirely happy about this…

Egg shells are also a pet hate of slugs and snails as they don’t like to crawl over them. I put my empty egg shells into a plastic container, wait until I have quite a few and then take great delight in smashing them into small pieces with a spoon! You can then sprinkle them on the ground around your salads and the critters ought to keep away.

Eggcellent compost
Egg shells can also be added to your compost with other compostable waste. Around a third of an average household bin can be composted including fruit and vegetable peelings, but don’t put whole old potatoes in, as these will grow into plants and create more spuds. You can also use teabags and even shredded cardboard and newspaper along with your general clippings and cuttings but be sure you don’t put in any weed seed heads or those with roots that can regenerate.

Rice water is nice water
When you cook rice keep the water rather than pouring it down the sink. There are several plant friendly minerals that are ideal for giving your plants a nutritional boost.

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  1. Susan R says:

    Golly – you are getting into veg this year Joanna! I love your list of tips but I have to say I buy my compost these days as I found that composting attracted the rats! I have beer traps for the slugs – it's not a bad way to go……(And I cook my rice in the microwave – but don't tell anyone!)

    happy gardening


  2. Heather says:

    Hi Joanna
    What a brilliant idea for getting rid of slugs because I do not like to use slug pellets. I'm not a Gardner but I love flowers so have a few pots scattered around and slugs are the bane of my life lol! So thank you for the ideas.
    Hugs x

  3. janet says:

    I have tried the coffee and the eggshell remedies but they don't work on our huge 4" + slugs!! The eggshells need to be crushed a fair bit to add to the compost (I've taken compost from the bin that's about 2 years old and half-shells are still intact!). The rain seems to wash away the coffee. I did try drying the grounds before sprinkling the and that did work -until it rained! I've also tried that sheeps wool remedy -again OK until it got wet, and nemetodes. The only real solution for me is to go around every night and collect them all and chuck them in the woods behind us!! Haven't tried beer, but I've used grapefruit skins and they work insofar as they collect many slugs underneath that can then be thrown away. Haven't tried the beer remedy because the supermarket only seem to sell 6 packs and I never use beer for anything so it's an expensive way of trapping slugs!
    I hope your veg do well. I was going to do a copper tape barrier (that works well!!) around my seedlings but was too late to plant so haven't tried it yet. The tape is brilliant around pots.


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