Parsley harvest!

parlseymontageParsley grows very well in this part of the world it would seem. I can’t say I grow masses of it, but it appears my neighbour has an entire flower bed full! So he very kindly brought round a massive basket overflowing with curly leaved parsley and said, ‘You’re a good cook, you’ll know what to do with this won’t you!’

Hmm, ok… Well, I do use parsley, but this could be an entire year’s supply, how best to preserve it? Never one to waste anything if I can avoid it – I dived into the Internet (thank you Google) and got cracking. I am lucky enough to have a dehydrating machine (bought from Lakeland some years ago) and it’s really handy for herbs. So, we all stood for what seemed like a lifetime stripping leaves off the stems (the term ‘green fingered’ has never seemed more appropriate!) and filling all the trays of the dehydrator. Phew, coffee time.

Looking at the basket when we returned from our break… It looked even fuller than before! This was rather worrying, so drastic measures were called for. So, it was out with the food processor and we whizzed and processed our way through the greenery until it was all finely chopped. I then packed it into the plastic freezer tubs I keep in the cupboard, labelled it and chucked in the freezer! Using it from frozen is fine – just scrape or crumble a bit off and add to whatever you like. I scattered some over the top of lasagne yesterday and a good tablespoon or more has gone into pumpkin soup today – the only good thing about Halloween, in my opinion!

So, I still think it may take a year to use it all up but it’s going to be really handy and a big thank you to my neighbour!

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  1. Mandy says:

    What a coincidence your blog is about parsley. On Sunday evening, just as my hubby was dishing up our salmon & vegetables, I asked where the parsley sauce was & he said we didn’t have any parsley sauce mix left! I was horrified!!
    We do have herbs in the garden so I went outside in the dark in my dressing gown & slippers whilst he was behind me with a torch whilst I picked a handful of parsley. (it was hilarious) I must say our homemade parsley sauce was delicious & I think that has taught me not to bother with packet sauces anymore!

    • Joanna Sheen says:

      Just following up on this, had a great comment from Val Collister from the Isle of Man.
      She says: “Next time you have a glut, don’t do anything other than take the worst of the stalks off and bung the parsley into a freezer bag. Once frozen, scrunch the bag and the frozen parsley all breaks up and kind of chops itself. No blanching and I don’t wash it if, as is usual, mine has come out of the tunnel. I do this with most herbs.”

  2. Mandy says:

    Thanks so much for the great tip Joanna. I will do that next year & hopefully avoid any more late night trips down the garden!
    Best Wishes
    Mandy x


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