Beautiful Pansies

pansiesEveryone loves pansies (don’t they?) and I am sure this card will go down a storm with so many people. I am just pondering planting a batch of winter pansies in a hollow cavity wall that surrounds my patio. It has geraniums in it all summer – I just hesitate about how much 40ft worth of pansy plants might cost from the garden centre! My precious geraniums have been upgraded to pots in a nice warm summerhouse to help them last through the winter and smile again come the spring – and save a small fortune in buying new plants. Hmmm, maybe I should invest in a greenhouse…

This image is from one of my favourite CDs “One Summer’s Day” – a real must have for your collection, it’s one of a very small bundle that I keep out on my desk at all times as I use it so often. The pansy die is from the Signature Garden Flowers set and the border is the Signature Diana Lace Ribbon. All easy to use and in the case of the pansies, fun to colour.

The most effective thing on the card is the quick layer of crystal lacquer (or glossy accents or whatever you have) on the ceramic pot that holds the pansies. It really catches the eye and adds some important texture.

Right, I shall go back to my thinking … should I buy loads of pansy plants – go without and wait for spring – or buy a few and have a meagre filling in the wall?

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  1. Gwen says:

    Hi Joanna
    Hope you can decide how many pansy plants to buy, maybe it would have been cheaper to have bought a packet of seeds earlier and started them off, maybe next year?
    Good luck .

  2. Caroline Reed says:

    Hi Joanna,
    just love the pansy card! i have that die, and several other Signature flower dies! they are so irrestible!
    Definitely go for the pansies in your garden! I have put groups of three Violas together, along with dwarf daffs and tulips! Although the Violas are a smaller flower, they have lots of flowers on each plant! they are so pretty and delicate!
    If you go to one of the diy stores (B&Q or Homebase or similar) they sell multi-packs of these sort of plants! usually 10’s, 20 and often more!
    Depends how many you need! My favourites are the yellows and deep purples! but there are lots of different colours!
    Happy gardening Joanna! get Richard and Grace to help you choose!
    lots of love

  3. Ruth Oie says:

    What could brighten the long days of winter more then a boatload of pansies. I
    am in the northern part of the United States and I could think of nothing nicer to
    look at then a lovely bed of pansies but alas they would be buried under a foot of snow and have to with stand
    temperatures of well below zero. And if the snow and cold didn’t get them the deer
    would. Guess I will have to settle for paper ones made with my pansy signature


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