Get well again soon!

Oh dear – January the month of coughs and sneezes and all things cold related – I thought I ought to have a get well soon card as the theme for today. If any of you have a nasty old cold then get well soon, but also if you have a friend or family member that’s suffering – send them a get well wish to speed things along!

There are so many things people recommend for coughs and colds and we all have our favourite tips and tricks. The main thing I was always told was drink lots and lots (not alcoholic!) – my choice is often just plain water but I often make up a jug with lots of slices of cucumber in it, a slice or two of lime or lemon or even satsumas. This, after it has been in the fridge for a while, is wonderfully refreshing and fractionally less boring than plain water!

Another favourite of mine are all the new flavoured green teas – have you tried Twinings salted caramel or fudge melts flavoured green tea? No calories to worry about and I am really keen on it at the moment (drinking a fudge melts one as I type). There are loads of fruity and flavoured teas on the market these days, hot and refreshing and, no doubt cool, and refreshing if I were to make up a jug and put in the fridge this summer.

Anyway I am going off track! I added this card as today’s blog as I wondered if it might inspire you to send a card to a neighbour, friend or relative that’s under the weather for whatever reason – you can rely on House-Mouse to cheer someone up!



This is a nice straightforward card, so doesn’t take long to make – trim some raspberry card slightly larger than the main image and another piece to just less than the 8″ square main card. Then cut some aqua card slightly smaller again than the main raspberry.

Run the aqua through your die cutter to get the lovely arch edge to it. If you feel unsure, then do this first by cutting say a piece 8″ x 8″ and then trimming once you have added the edge so that it’s smaller than the raspberry card.

Now using double sided tape (or your choice of glue) add the raspberry to the card blank. Then layer on the aqua. Cut out the main topper and layer onto the smaller piece of raspberry card and attach.

Then simply decorate each of the top corners with a plaster (made me smile as I was doing that!). Now hand deliver or pop in the post.

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  1. janet says:

    Where did this particular image come from please? I have most House Mouse items (CDs, pads, project books and all stamps you put out plus some of the new ones) so wondered where it is to save a long hunt ! I love the card

    • Joanna Sheen says:

      Hi Janet, if you just click on the House Mouse link in the ingredients list, you will see where the image is from. I hope this helps. Smiles, Joanna

  2. Susan says:

    I love the plasters on the corners. I have a lovely house mouse stamp (bought many years ago) with a squirrel that’s been in the wars with a bandaged foot and a plaster on his head, and the house mouse is holding up a page of instructions for a quick recovery, which include not chewing your plaster off and not to climb into any more bird feeders! It has always brought a smile. Sending a hand made card certainly lets people know you care.

  3. janet says:

    Thanks Joanna -must check that I have this pad -I think so, but I have so many!!
    Going to look out for those flavoured teas as well. I don’t like ‘real’ tea much, and wasn’t keen on green tea withourt flavouring but I do fancy salted caramel!


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