Snowdrops – it must be Spring, surely?

I have loads of snowdrops peeping out of the grass and flowerbeds in my garden – oh how much that sight cheers me – some crocuses too. Does that mean Spring really is around the corner – ooh I do hope so!

I always plant lots of bulbs (yes I add a few more every year), mainly because they brighten my days when Winter is making things just too uncomfortable and I need a reminder that it doesn’t last forever! I hate the cold – not a fan of super tropical heat either just to be difficult, but the cold – nope not good.

This card was really designed just as a happy ‘It’s nearly Spring’ card – but obviously, it makes a great birthday card too. Or, it would be ideal for someone with a pet named Snowdrop… yes I do know a rabbit called Snowdrop!

The Spring flower dies – well all the flower dies – in the Signature range are so easy to use and bring me a lot of joy and fun. You all know how flowery I am and, if I get a chance, a card I make will feature flowers somehow, somewhere – thank goodness many of the men I make cards for are gardeners. You can see from this example that the simplest cards can be made with a repeated die design and they look lovely. This card wouldn’t take more than a few minutes to make and pow! – it looks amazing.

I don’t think you need instructions for the card – it’s obvious from the photo how it is constructed. Your choice of backing cards could be totally different, depending on what you have in your collection and it would still look wonderful. In this instance, the die has been cut out in green and then again in white and all you have to do is pop the white flower heads on – no colouring required!

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  1. WheelyBad says:

    I really like the 3 panel (is it called a triptych?) design. So clear what the flowers are and I know lots of people who’d love a card like that. I saw crocuses as well as a few snowdrops yesterday. Hoping to have both in my raised planters next year. The planter I have now is my first, it has some bright pink pansies and daffodils that are just starting to show buds. I also have a little lavender that is starting to grow and will look great later in the year. I think my favourite flowers are the winter and spring ones. I also adore bluebells which are springtime flowers for me.

    My Mister has been working hard preparing parts of the garden for some native wildflowers too. I’m hoping they will attract lots of butterflies and bees as the year goes on.

    I’m another who prefers a steady, warm (but not hot) temperature. At least if it’s cold you can just stay in and craft!


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