Hello Paris!

This is very apt, I feel, for Tina Dorr, our newsletter editor and long time member of the team. Tina has bravely (in my opinion, but then I am a bit wimpy!) bought a lovely home in France and is just starting her journey to moving over and transferring her life.

I think the good luck on the card may be needed. My brother lived and worked in France for many years and often bumped into their red tape, but it was all worth it, he felt, as the local people were lovely and the food and wine… well goes without saying!

So here’s hoping it will be a fabulous retirement home for you Tina and Aidan – life is about following your dreams and I know France is where you have wanted to be for very many years – here you go!

The card uses an image from our Helena Lam 6 x 6” cardmaking pad. If you haven’t tried any of the pads, do give one a go as they are so handy for getting a really lovely card together. The backing paper could be used from one of the Graphic 45 Cityscapes pads or ephemera – or any other Eiffel Tower images or postcards that you have.

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  1. Lynn Carey-Lyons says:

    We also live in France in Mayenne in the countryside! I hope they will be very happy, at the moment where we are it is freezing cold and very wet, it is after all, winter!

    Good luck with the move!

  2. Tina Dorr says:

    Thank you Joanna and others. Lynn, Mayenne is where we have our house too 🙂 We are moving on Sunday but the newsletter will continue via France.
    Lovely card – La Tour Eiffel, one of my favourite spots x

  3. Ann Marshall says:

    I moved to Spain many years ago and yes there is a lot of red tape in foreign countries, but grin and bear it. Hope all works out for them, it did for me and I am every happy in my adopted country.

  4. Linda Lee says:

    Wishing Tina all the best. I am like Joanna and could never leave here but I admire people who do make the move. Hope we will still hear from her.

  5. Cheryl Bingham says:

    I wish Tina and her husband all the best for their move to la belle France. I have lived in Normandy in Orne for the last 8 years and yes, bureaucracy can be a pain but the pros definitely outweigh the cons so go for it. It would be nice to hear from her to see how she settles in.

  6. Irene Rebbeck says:

    Good luck on the move to France Tina. We also moved here to the Mayenne region for our retirement in 2010. It looks like you already have a ready made following of Joanna Sheen addicts over here too. Enjoy your new life, xx


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