James Wong – what a great writer!

James Wong – what a great writer! Just occasionally I come across a writer or a new book that really grabs me and this was the case with James.

The first book I bought was ‘How to Eat Better’ which I saw mentioned in Good Food magazine. It’s really fascinating and has masses of facts that made me exclaim out loud as I read through… possibly a little annoying for Richard! Did you know smaller (and therefore cheaper) blueberries are better for you than the big ones – green asparagus is much better for you than white? Lazy people rejoice as apparently the vac packed and cooked beetroot has as many good things going for it than boiling and peeling your own… and so the list went on.

I felt sorry for Richard listening to my reading out paragraphs aloud and so bought him (and his brother) a copy of James Wong’s ‘Grow for Flavour’ which has so many tips and tricks that help in the garden. For example – watering tomatoes with seawater gives them a much better taste – giving hard to germinate seeds like parsley a quick dose of soluble aspirin helps them along – and yes you guessed, Richard is now reading out bits to me from his book!

Finally, having been so interested in his other books I treated both myself and my sister (I love giving books) to ‘Grow your own Drugs‘ – Kate was a little worried as it had to get through the mail and therefore the Jersey Customs department but, so far it all seems to have gone swimmingly! As I have a summer cold at the moment I was very taken with the recipe intended to help colds and flu – Echinacea Ice Lollies. This contains 80ml of vodka and that alone has to cheer things up! But there are plenty of other ingredients that should ease the throat. Disappointingly, the vodka is to soak the Echinacea root and doesn’t actually make an appearance in the finished lolly – hmm, sad.

Just thought I would share these titles with you – I love books with useful hints and tips and James is certainly an author I will look out for him in future programmes – he has shared a TV series with another person I admire – Dr Michael Moseley and has covered the Chelsea Flower show with the BBC team … I will be keeping an eye out!

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  1. Beverley says:

    Hi Joanna, loved your article both books sound really interesting I am always looking to improve eating healthier. Thank you for sharing x

  2. Susan says:

    I always try to grow something different each year and I am currently growing some James Wong Tromboncino squash (little trumpet) although from the picture they may well be big trumpets and will be perfect to enter the “most rude Veg” class in our local flower show! At the very least they will be a talking point on my allotment this summer – and apparently they taste good and are very healthy too.

  3. Mandy says:

    I’ve wanted this book for a while so snapped it up at the weekend. It’s AMAZING! I, like you kept telling hubby all the great facts in the book thinking he would be annoyed but he got his own back Joanna! When he collected me from work he had been “doing his homework” & starting telling me new facts so we’re now swotting up so that we can amaze each other & eat in a more nutritious way which can’t be bad!


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