Gruffies rock!

I just love the Gruffies – have you discovered them yet? They are friends of the famous House-Mouse and Ellen Jareckie, the artist, has drawn both bears (Gruffies) and Hoppers (rabbits) as companions and as you can see from these cards – the occasional panda sneaks in too – I don’t believe she had named those.

The Gruffies and Hoppers CD is on the website and has oh so many bits for you to use. I love the images (obviously) but there are handy backing papers too. There are hundreds of pages of co-ordinating backing papers, inserts, decoupage, sentiments, bookmarks, mini cards and lots more!

The nice thing about Ellen’s work is that although the bears are ‘cute’ they are not simply suitable for younger people, they appeal to all ages and they never cease to make me smile!

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  1. Mandy says:

    I Love the Gruffies & Happy Hoppers CD SOO much Joanna! I bought it a few years ago & most of my friends & family that year received a card made with it. To be honest, men’s cards stress me out but this CD made it so easy ranging from toddlers to my Uncles who are in their twilight years! My Dad enjoyed his Father’s Day card with a Gruffie relaxing in a hammock & my teenage Godson received his Pizza eating Gruffie which inspired him so much he decided to have pizza for his birthday supper. I do wish there were more images so that we could have another CD. Thanks Joanna


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