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We have loved playing with all the jungly safari type dies we produced not so long ago. They make fun cards for all ages – my little Grace loves safari type programmes and I hope she gets to see some of them in the wild when she grows up. I haven’t been on a safari, I keep saying “when I retire” but that doesn’t seem to be getting any closer!

We have all seen the main safari animals in a zoo and one of my favourite visits was the Disney Animal Kingdom. If anyone has the chance staying in a hotel where, when you open your curtains in the morning you can stare at a giraffe not that many paces away, I highly recommend it. I am also very fond of Longleat. We took Grace just recently and she was squealing with excitement at the little monkey sitting on the wing mirror two inches from her face, as she sat on my lap in the front of the car. I was quite happy to have the window glass between us and the monkeys, cute they may be, but I bet they bite!

So lions or monkeys make great subjects for cards whether we have seen them in the wild or not. The animal patchwork dies we have in the series are also a huge success when you use them as backing pieces like the card on the left. They come in various animal effects – this one is the tiger – but crocodile, giraffe and zebra work just as well. The background on the right-hand card shows what fun you can have with some of the inks and pads around at the moment. I am very keen on the Tim Holtz pad ranges but Adirondack Alcohol Inks give amazing effects too. True to our craft, half the fun is just playing!

Simple effects, like cutting a circle from a Post-It note and then sponging around it to create the sun, or snipping cloud shapes again from a Post-It and sponging blue around them for clouds in a blue sky – just play and fiddle, inspiration always strikes!

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  1. Tracy W says:

    I too love Longleat, we made several visits when we were living in Somerset – it never gets boring. I love your cards and the inked sunset looks beautiful. Creative Blessings, Tracy x

  2. Fiona says:

    Get yourself off on that safari Joanna. We did it 10 years ago, as of this Oct, for our silver wedding anniversary. Absolutely fantastic experience. Theres nothing like sitting in the lodges watching the animals and seeing giraffes passing your tent when you open up in the morning. Tip do the upgrade tent, it’s more like a hotel room and the lodges are a bit posher too. We were lucky and we saw the big six out on the road across the reserves. Fantastic seeing all the animals so close to the jeep. I think it is because we’ve been I was so keen to buy the safari dies. They bring back memories.

  3. Claudia Letat says:

    Hello Joanna,
    your cards are very lovely. I like the theme AFRICA very much, because I was often on safari there. But I never (NEVER) saw a tiger 🙂 You used “Animal Patchwork – Tiger” for the background, isn’t it? *lol*


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