Crafting with Granny

One of the joys of our hobby is being able to share, whether it’s sharing the making of cards with family and friends or just giving them the finished product!

This weekend I was playing with my little granddaughter Grace. She absolutely loves ponies and regularly rides a little Shetland pony called Pippin. Her mother has a lovely grey called Bobby and Grace has grown up thinking everyone has to clean up after horses and wears wellies most of the time!

So knowing her passion for all things horse related, rather than playing yet again with her model stable, we decided to do some cardmaking. I have a little box and a drawer which I am slowly saving things in when I spot something that might be fun for her to use.

The Cuttlebug is ideal for children and even this little 3 year old can turn the handle if you hold the machine steady for her. We have a couple of suitable horsey dies in the Signature Dies range, so they have been waiting in the drawer for some time!

Poor old Bobby got kicked by another horse and is confined to his stable on box rest until his leg heals. So we made him a get well soon card!

Grace is definitely a chip off the old block, so to speak, she chose colours beautifully, and is very good already at accurately wielding the glue dispenser. I did the double sided taping, more for speed than anything, but soon I am sure she will manage with a tape dispenser. We die cut many more horses than we needed (ok so she wouldn’t stop and I didn’t like to halt the enthusiasm!) and included those inside the card “so Mummy can play with them” – think of it as alternative confetti to put inside a card!

The front you can see here in the picture, inside we used a Get Well Soon die and wrote a message for Bobby. The grass is made by using the Icicle border die. This design could be used with any of the animal families we have, so it could be a dog card, farm card or whatever you like!


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  1. Caroline says:

    what a kind little granddaughter you have Joanna! definitely following in granny’s footsteps! a beautiful card! i am sure he will recover much quicker when he sees it!
    lots of love

  2. Lynn says:

    She is so beautiful, I think you have yourself a full time helper there, mine is coming over to France at the weekend!
    Have fun, they grow up too fast don’t they!

  3. Suzanne says:

    Special times, you can feel the warmth of her smile so much, as she enjoyed her crafty time with you so much. Thanks for sharing Grace and her card with us xxx

  4. Angela says:

    I too have a 3 year old grand daughter., Olivia…..well she will be 4 in October and she just loves me crafting with her. Whenever we go to see them both she and her older brother Alex, almost 6, greet me with “have you got your crafting bag with you Nana?” Bless them! They are my youngest from our younger daughter and our other older 3 grandchildren were the same when at that age right up till the boys were 12 however my eldest grand daughter Anya at 10 still enjoys crafting with me and also loves baking, which I did often when she was smaller and now does it on her own! It gives me a lot of p,erasure passing on what I have learnt over the past 9 years…..a hobby I took up on retiring!

  5. Cheryl Bingham says:

    She’s a real cutie and the card is lovely too. I remember when my grandson was about 4 he loved making pictures and cards in my craft room. Now he’s 7 he prefers more heavy duty construction. He’s coming to France very soon and I can’t wait to see him. You’re so lucky to be able to see Grace so frequently as they grow up so quickly. Hope Bobby is soon on the mend. x

  6. Linda says:

    Spent yesterday morning making birthday cards with my two grandchildren. Matthew is 5 and Emma will soon be three. It’s daddy’s birthday tomorrow so they were so excited. I dread to think how many stickers they put on them but there was not a space left on the card!! We had a great time. Aren’t we so lucky to have such beautiful grandchildren. X

  7. Vida says:

    We use to have fun with our granddaughter when she was young but now she 17 they have got their heads in the mobil and don’t even talk to you. I miss her very much.

  8. syy says:

    What a lovely little girl who looks so happy with what she has made. Well done Grace. I remember those magic days crafting with my grandchildren. Where have all th years gone one is 21 and the other 23 now.


    My Grandson, Ewan, who will be 5 years old next month likes to craft, both at his home in Chicago and with Papa and Grannie when he comes to Livingston on holiday.
    I liked the idea of sending Bobby a card. I am making a card for our budgie, Ollie, who will be a year old on 31st August. Grace looks lovely, Joanna.


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