Super Sunday cook up!

I really enjoy having a mass Sunday cook up so I have meals prepared for the week and to keep feeding my freezer, sadly it is getting a bit full now so I may have to slow down!

This time of year is very veg heavy for anyone that likes growing things in the garden. I have a very clever, enthusiastic recent convert to gardening for a husband and a doubly enthusiastic, so experienced he could be on Gardener’s World, neighbour. My neighbour has acres of garden and grows a vast amount of produce (by yours and my little standards) and he is so kind and generous with both his time to discuss gardening traumas and also sharing produce. We share ours too!

So this weekend, I had potatoes, Kestrel and Charlotte varieties, some strange heirloom carrots in cream, yellow and orange. Runner beans, French beans, spring onions, lettuce (three carrier bags stuffed full) and radishes. Then my neighbour popped round and brought me another carrier bag of apples, a huge bowl of raspberries (wow!) and more courgettes.

Now I hate wasting food, especially organic home grown yumminess …. So I had to get a plan! I have limited space in my freezer so it had to be a compact plan! The lettuce I really liked in the lettuce soup that I posted about recently but I would end up with oh so many containers. So I took a short cut and did the first stage of the soup, by wilting the lettuce in chicken stock and then pureeing. That way I only had 5 containers to store!  The apples, hmm, well despite my daughter suggesting her horse ‘needed’ a constant supply of apples, these were too delicious to part with but we don’t eat many puddings these days (dieting grumble, grumble!) so I turned the apples into apple purée and am going to freeze it in little containers that can either turn into apple sauce or be added to parsnip and apple soup.

Then I started on shepherd’s pies to use some of the potatoes and added squash to the mash. Then I made quiches, one for this week and one will just have to freeze, they are ok defrosted but improve with reheating. I now have close to zero room in my freezer but it feels as though I have had a good and successful day – phew!


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  1. Heather says:

    Hi Joanna
    You’ve certainly been busy! 😊 If you want somebody to be your taster I’m available 😂.
    Hugs x

  2. Carolyn Mapleson says:

    Goodness Joanna,you have been busy. I know what you mean about limited freezer space this time of year, but it’s lovely to think of all the home grown produce we shall be eating during the winter.

  3. CHERYL Bingham says:

    Well done Joanna. I totally agree about not wasting all that lovely produce although we’ve cut down on what we grow this year as we too have a very generous neighbour.
    I’ve frozen masses of runner beans and made picallili with our beans and marrows, marrow and ginger jam and pineapple and marrow jam, beetroot chutney , redcurrant jelly and redcurrant vodka to name but a ‘phew’! I gave various items of produce to our various neighbours so as not to waste it but as we live in Normandy people always return the favour so the other evening we were presented with 3 lovely rainbow trout from next door’s fishing trip – lovely.

    • Joanna Sheen says:

      Very impressive Cheryl! I love it when you can play ‘swapsies’ with other people’s produce, great fun! Joanna


    Joanna, You have made my mouth water with all this yummy looking food. I think I’m going to have to go and eat lunch now.. Wish I was your next door neighbor so I could join with you in enjoying all of your produce. You have a green thumb along with amazing talents.


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