Squeezing through the Corinth Canal

Here’s a final holiday blog for you… some pictures from the island of Sifros and our journey through the Corinth Canal. I hope you have enjoyed some of the highlights of the trip.

One of the main reasons we wanted to do this journey was to see what it was like for a medium sized boat to squeeze through the Corinth Canal. The really big boats can’t make it but we did last night and wow it was spectacular. With only a foot or two to spare each side we took about 45 minutes to cross through this gap carved through solid rock. If you can’t take this shortcut then it’s a 180-mile trip round!

We were guided by a pilot boat and sailed through at a constant 5 knots, excuse me if I don’t regurgitate the mass of techy information the captain gave me about pressures and constant speeds… I just smiled and nodded!

The island I wandered round today was called Sifnos. The guides are all lovely and each one insists their island is the best. I have been trying to be friendly and learn a little Greek and smiled at everyone saying “Calamari!” (Good morning) till the guide politely pointed out that I was yelling “Squid” at everyone and I should have been saying kalimera not calamari. I thought they were looking strangely at me!

The island is so pretty and some of the walls were from 1500BC… so something like 3,500 years old… amazing and the flowers were beautiful, mainly bougainvillea and, as always, tons of olive trees. Lots of locally made bits and pieces, honey, olive soap, amazing ceramics and the ever present wine.

I bought some honey yesterday when I visited the site of the Oracle of Delphi. Apparently, the honey is made from local bees who all use pollen from the calm, positive atmosphere of Delphi and so the honey will bring positive vibes every time it is used. Ok, so I was persuaded…. but it tastes nice so what the heck!

Sadly home again soon, but it has been a very educational but fun trip, will it influence my work, no probably not but it has given us a wonderful rest!

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  1. Nelda says:

    You set me off in a fit of giggles, with your Calimari, just bought back memories of my attempts at certain words, hilarious, but you tried .x

  2. Noreen says:

    I’ve seen ships passing through the Corinthians Canal – very clever engineering. Delphi is such a stunning place, my favourite place I’ve ever visited, it’s so tranquil

  3. Susan says:

    It looks like you are having a wonderful time. Top marks for trying the language. I once got into a pickle trying to buy half a chicken in a Spanish market once. I sent the man behind the counter into a fit of giggles and later when I described what I’d said to someone who could speak very good spanish, he told me I had asked for something very rude indeed, and what’s more I’d asked for half a one!
    Safe journey home…..

  4. Marlene Whitehead says:

    Enjoyed your holiday blog we have been through the Corinth canal while staying in the Pennopolese it’s quite breathtaking they were bungy jumping off the bridge when we were there . Love Greece and it’s culture and the food of course We are enjoying the Greek sunshine at present down the Pennopolese. Kalamera Joanna x

  5. Hazel says:

    Just wondering if you persuaded the Captain to try card making. We were on our first cruise last week, to Orkney, Faroes and Shetland and cardmaking was on offer for the two days we were at sea. We went on the Bridge and I asked if I could steer the ship, (to add another vessel to my list). Unfortunatly he wouldn’t let me as I didn’t have the knowledge required and it was on autopilot. Never mind it was worth asking. Your adventures sound amazing


    Joanne, I had a similar experience when cruising through the Panama Canal. You could almost reach out and touch the sides. what a wonder of engineering. You should take that cruise. You would really enjoy it.


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