A dropped ice cream!

‘A dropped ice cream is a seagull’s dream’ – these words made me smile. Nearby in Teignmouth, there’s a lovely promenade where you can walk along next to the sea and relax – we love walking there and often take friends and visitors. The only drawback really is the number of seagulls. I love all the parts of the British seaside… but gulls hmm not so much really.

If you live near the sea then seagulls can be quite difficult. My parents’ bungalow had a persistent seagull that nested in their chimney several years running and when the eggs hatched she became quite over protective and territorial. Fine, I’m a mother, I understand your feelings, but aghhh! This meant we were dive bombed arriving at the house, the postie was more scared of the seagull than any dogs and my poor father trying to trim the climbing plants up the side of the house, resorted to trying to trim with one hand and hold up an open umbrella over his head with the other! They are also VERY noisy.

Whilst walking down the prom at Teignmouth, we have often been beset by scavenging seagulls. Tina Dorr, our newsletter editor and I were quietly looking forward to a couple of gorgeous clotted cream ice creams we had just purchased. Ok, I admit we were probably talking and not looking at the ice cream – but 30 seconds later – whoosh… speed of light! Two thieving seagulls and the balls of ice cream on top of the cones … gone. We had to laugh as we gazed down at our empty cones! However, they are part and parcel of our British coastal areas and so I will have to put up with them!

This card could be for a birthday – or perhaps I should just send it to Tina as a laugh at a shared memory! The seagulls are a signature die and, to save you colouring, the beach huts have been die cut in striped card. The backing paper is just carefully slit and the ice cream posted into the layers. The card measures 170mm square, just under 7 inches.

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  1. Nannieannie says:

    Lovely card Joanna. Have the beach hut dies and the seagulls. Used them lots of times especially at our craft group. Hadn’t thought of using stripped paper. Thanks for that tip. Brilliant idea. My daughter in law had her sandwich taken just as she was about to put it in her mouth and it bite her hand as well. Ouch! This summer was in Jersey and a lady was sitting with an Icecream and we saw the gull eyeing it but before we could shout to her the Icecream was gone. Just remembered it happened to my friend at the same place in Jersey last year.

  2. freda. says:

    Hi Joanna, yes seagulls are a nightmare. My cousin in Marldon had them nesting on the roof and had to move their dustbin to the other side of the house. They used to leave lots of yucky things on the patio and every time any one called or left the house they were dive bombed. They couldn’t go in the garden and my cousin couldn’t hang the washing out for about six weeks. Last year we were on Paignton prom and this poor young lady was terrified. We went over to see what the problem was and she was afraid that the gull was going to attack her tiny baby in the pram. The lady was holding an ice cream for her husband who had popped into a shop. When we explained that the gull was after the ice cream, not the baby, she calmed down and we stayed with her until her husband came back.


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