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With the publication of our next novel imminent (next week!), I have been thinking rather a lot about books. It’s always so exciting when the courier delivers the batch of heavy boxes and I get to slit one open and actually take a copy of the paperback out and hold it. I find myself reading the cover (even though I obviously know EXACTLY what it says!) and flicking through the pages… then I take out another one and start reading that too – as if it’s going to be different – LOL! But there is just something so very tactile and wonderful about a printed book.

I love books and I have hundreds, actually, it’s possibly thousands. Looking at a bookcase with all the coloured spines and titles is, to me, like a visual memory bank. I remember where I was when I read a particular book, or can recall a specific character or event and remember why I enjoyed reading it so much.

All well and good, Joanna, but nowadays of course… we have the electronic book, most commonly, the Kindle. I probably have hundreds of Kindle books stored as well! It’s such a convenient way to read, especially if you are travelling and don’t want to lug heavy books about. But, somehow, it doesn’t have the same romance as reading a book and, of course, you lose the ‘visual’ delight.

If I walk into someone’s home and see a well-stocked bookcase, my heart does tend to lift and, given half a chance, I will take a sneaky peek and see what they read… and also how they store their books. Do they line them up alphabetically (that’s my co-author, Julia), group them by spine colour for visual effect (my designer friend Karen) or have a random selection with ‘current reads’ stashed closest to the sofa – me! How do you arrange your books, or do you now only have a Kindle so books no longer feature in your home?

I confess I find books comforting. When everything else in life might seem to be stressful or chaotic, my books will still be there, full of wonderful stories and characters just waiting for me to open one and restore order to my mind.

And so… as the copies of ‘The Proof is in the Pudding’ the fourth and final book in our Swaddlecombe series, are in the process of being printed and bound, I am already planning where I will be storing my copy! I should add that it will also be available on Kindle, if you prefer! Happy reading.

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  1. Heather says:

    I can’t wait! I love books but because of lack of space I’ve gone to a kindle. It’s not the same as having a book in your hands but needs must 😊.
    Hugs x

  2. Hazel Lawson says:

    After downsizing to a very small house I had to dispose of hundreds of books because I just didn’t have room for them. I kept my favourite Jane Austen collection and others but the rest went to the BHF. Your books are on my Kindle and I’m pleased to say that I didn’t have to get rid of that! I’m looking forward to buying your new book but I’ll have to hope that I can find my Kindle cable to recharge it before next week.

  3. Karen Mitchell says:

    Hi Joanna
    Really enjoyed the first book,now halfway through the second & just received the third so will soon be ordering the forth,been laid up with a broken ankle so I have had a lot of extra reading time & it’s been great to escape to Swaddlecombe,
    Thank you Joanna & Julia

  4. Nina Spear says:

    I can’t wait either! Although I know the housekeeping will suffer until I have read it, I am confident congratulations will be in order.


    I have enjoyed all your books and look forward to this one but sorry to see it will the last, but thank you for many happy `reading hours` janetx

  6. John Barlow says:

    A good read for anyone. I and my family have enjoyed the first three and look forward, saldy, to the final one. Thank you, Joanna and Julia.

  7. Pauline Credland says:

    Thank you Joanna and Julia for these wonderful Swaddlecombe stories, i have enjoyed reading this series of books, and like many of your other readers am saddened that they have come to an end, but as the saying goes, ‘All good things come to an end’ ! I wonder what’s in store next?
    Many thanks too for all your terrific blogs so far this year, i always enjoy reading
    your comments. God bless you, Pauline


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