Have a Holly Pond Hill Christmas!

I wanted to share a couple of Holly Pond Hill Christmas cards with you today – hmm not that many weeks to Christmas, have you made all your cards yet?

Of course the first thing you are going to do is say “Have you?” and of course the answer you knew was coming is… nope nothing like all of them yet!

One year I promise I will be a super organised Christmas person, I will plan in advance not only what we are eating, who is coming and when, but also make my cards months in advance. I’m not succeeding very well on that list this year. Currently I have no clue if my girls are with me on Christmas Day or whether as we have done in the past we postpone the big day to December 26th.

It’s so much harder when children are grown up, they acquire other families (their in-laws) that have just as much right to Christmas Day as you do and, shock horror, they even occasionally want to go away for Christmas! I do wonder what the reaction would be if Richard and I went away for Christmas, not sure they would think that was right! No stockings, no-one to cook and clear away on Christmas Day – noooo!

But back to the cards – Christmas in Holly Pond Hill is a fabulous CD. If you haven’t got it already, then it’s definitely on my top 5 list for making Christmas cards and I can recommend it. I love the little characters and there are also some amazing images without furry bits too!

Both the cards use the matching backing papers that come with the toppers on the CD (easy to find!) and the little parcel on the right uses the (SD553) Small Box Envelope die and again a paper from the CD.

Maybe aim to have half your Christmas cards done by the middle of November Joanna? Hmm … maybe!


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  1. denise stocks says:

    Hi Joanna, lovely cards, got this CD a while ago and its a winner. Spending a lot of time looking but not much Christmas making going on, must finish the birthday cards, have 8 in October. All the Holly Pond Hill images are a delight, it’s hard to choose.

  2. Lynnette Thomson says:

    I was super organised this year and had all my Christmas cards made by end of January. Only because I went to house sit and look after my friends dog for three weeks and I could craft all day no responsibilities apart from feeding the dog also made all the birthday cards I needed for the year now I,m working on next years


    Joanne, I have already finished my Christmas cards which in itself is a small mirical. I am enchanted by the Holly Pond CD tho and that will be next years cards for me. Aren’t they just the sweetest things. Thank you so much for all of your wonderful inspirations. Blessed Holidays to you and yours. BonniecDC4


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