Lovely Las Vegas

Las Vegas – one of the few cities in the world whose name makes me smile! I have wonderful memories of Las Vegas with family and friends when Richard and I got married there. Now not everyone shares my view – many (often those who haven’t visited) think it’s all cheesy drive through Elvis wedding chapels and cheap eateries.

You couldn’t be more wrong. Las Vegas today still has the showgirl heritage but it has moved on and there are now more Michelin starred restaurants than any other city in the world, I believe. The hotels are often very reasonably priced and just wandering down the Strip (main street) is entertainment in itself. The theatres and concerts are amazing and definitely West End or Broadway quality.

The Bellagio has its famous dancing fountains (as in Oceans 11). The Venetian has a gondola ride within the hotel (over a mile long) yes inside the hotel and the reception area is a beautiful take on the Michelangelo ceiling in the Sistine Chapel. There are casinos yes (ok, ok so maybe I do indulge in some blackjack – it’s fun!) but there are also lovely swimming pools, gorgeous spas (Caesars Palace has a room where it snows!) and masses of excellent restaurants. Alternatively if you are on a budget – there’s always Panda Express – where we paid about £6 a head for us all to have loads of delicious Chinese food.

I wonder if the Las Vegas travel board would like to employ me – I’m not trying to sell Vegas trips, just saying if you haven’t been … there are tons of beautiful places there included the truly beautiful Italianate chapel where Richard I tied the knot!

This card was one I simply had to make. The image is a painting by Evgeny Lushpin (pronounced Eugeny), a Russian artist I discovered just recently and I think it would make a wonderful card for someone going on a trip – perhaps on a stag or hen weekend or holiday? The die used as an embellishment is the Signature dies Morning Glory Vine. Enjoy!


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    This reminds me of the time my cousin’s son and his fiancee told the two sets of parents that they were going to Las Vegas for a holiday. When they came back home they had got married! I’ve never been to Las Vegas but my daughter, her husband and son live in Chicago and previous to that they lived in Memphis. We took the train from Memphis to New Orleans on our first visit to America. I’m glad that yourself and Richard and your friends enjoyed all the wedding festivities.


  2. Kath says:

    How spooky that you should write this piece . I will be visiting Las Vegas for the first time on the 3 Dec, its a place I’ve never thought to visit, but my daughter and I are going with my Aunty and cousin who is going to book her wedding venue for next year….. So I will be going back for the wedding…..
    Oh and just for Jean I will be coming back via Chicago…

  3. Joan Graham says:

    I feel the same Joanna, the first time my husband suggested going to Las Vegas I wasn’t keen as I thought it was all about gambling which I am not too keen on. We went after leaving Palm Springs and I was hooked, we visited seven times on our many road trips round America. The last time we had a stroll along the strip before going to the airport for our trip home to Scotland. As we passed the Bellagio the fountains started up and the music was Andrea Bocelli singing ‘Time to say Goodbye’. I started to cry with the emotion of it-my husband said you softie we will be back. Sadly it was not to be as that was to be our last trip to the USA together as he had Alzheimer’s. He passed away two years ago but left me wonderful memories of our travels.

  4. Julie Brown says:

    I love Vegas too! I’m going back there with my two best friends on 19th November. We’ve been before but as you say there’s lovely restaurants and fab concerts … lots to do besides gambling.. although we do like to play the slot machines and partake in a cocktail or two!! 👍🏻🍸😉🍹

  5. Brenda Donnachie says:

    Love Las Vegas. I went with my Sister and a friend. I did the Star Trek tour and a young girl and I saved Las Vegas from destruction. We were the most excited people on the planet!
    Also danced on the bar at the Coyote Ugly bar. What a night that was!


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