Sunshine and swing seats

Ah yes, sunshine and swing seats… Now that summer is a distant memory, I thought I’d reminisce about the summers of my childhood with this pretty card. When I was little we used to go and visit my godmother deep in the country and the main thing I remember from her garden was a lovely swinging seat. I have always loved swings and the luxury of a wide and comfy seat with cushions while you are swinging – yes, I was easily entertained!

The background image on this card is from one of the new Jane Shasky pads, Birds in the Garden. All of Jane’s work is brilliant for cardmaking but the latest couple of pads, Garden Delights and Birds in the Garden are particular lovely.

On this card I have snipped up a Morning Glory Vine die and wound the pieces around the swing seat, which softens it and adds a lovely embellishment. The basic card is 8” x 8” which is a size I find really easy to work with.

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    This particularly reminds me of our own back garden and the fence and flowers. We have lots of birds visiting it and some of the flowers are similar to your card. My husband has quite a bit to do to the garden at the back because we have had an extension built on to the house which takes up some of it. However, it should still look fine when it is finished. The birds don’t even mind when I watch them from the windows of the extension, which actually forms my Craft Room!

  2. denise stocks says:

    Hi Joanna A lovely summery card which brings back memories of a summer visit to a Great Uncle who lived in a cottage. The back garden was overgrown but I was fascinated by an old disused hand crank water pump which used to supply all the water. I can see it now, surrounded with tall grasses.Strange how some things stick in the mind ( going back 60 years or more) “Happy Days”. Denise

  3. Maretta says:

    I just wanted to know where I can find Birds in the Garden and Garden Delights as I did not have too much when I looked at your website. Could you tell me if you have them in stock?

    • Joanna Sheen says:

      Maretta, we have both in stock – absolutely! Just click on the link for either product and it will take you straight to them on my Craft Shop page. Or, to find any products, go to my Craft Shop and type what you are looking for in the search bar top left. Smiles, Joanna


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