A vintage anniversary card

I had such fun making this card as I adore all things vintage… if there’s a chance of making a project slightly vintage I grab it! It’s no challenge to make the gorgeous images on the Barbara Anderson pads a little bit vintage. They are all vintage collages and I just love her work.

There are twelve different images in the pad and two of each design. For this card I have taken borders from both of the sheets featuring this design and I will use the remaining topper on another card withouta border. One border is at the top (placed upside down to get the heaviest concentration of roses) and the other at the base of the card. The sentiments come on the sheet too.

I have embellished each side of the main image with the Signature dies Tessa lace edger and stuck it onto the main card using foam tape to give it a lift.

That’s when I started playing – oh I do love old button! My mother had a button box and as a child I adored just going through it and ‘sorting’ the buttons. I still have the box and add to it when I can. I showed it to Grace the other day and she stared at me as though I was talking a foreign language.

“But what does it do Granny?”

“Oh you just choose your favourites and sort them into colours, it’s great fun.”

“Why don’t you play with that granny while I play with Grandpa.”

OK… point taken 21st century children think you are nuts for sorting buttons! Will they even learn how to sew on a button? Who knows.

I used glue gel to secure the buttons, you need a fairly good sized blob to hold them in place. It doesn’t work trying to use something like a quickie glue pen.

Have fun – meanwhile I’ll just sit here sorting my buttons…


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  1. Sylvie says:

    LOL, that’s so funny about Grace Joanna, my grand children look at me as though I’m from the Victorian age or something !!.. Beautiful card and lovely that it is full of so many good memories too. Hugs Sylvie x

  2. Pearl Farrier says:

    Lovely card Joanna and I love your Grace, typical of the newer generations. As a baby my mother used to keep me occupied by giving me a washing up bowl and some coloured bricks. Apparently I used to play for hours stacking them up, putting them into colour/shape piles and cried when she took it away to give me a feed! I’d like to say that it helped to develop my logical side and helps with my card making. However, it probably did make me a little obsessive compulsive as I can’t help tidy things up into colours/shapes and I do have to check certain things more than once, like have I got my card the right way round?

  3. Nannieannie says:

    A beautiful card Joanna. Had to laugh at Grace. My DIL doesn’t sew, knit or anything like that so if I want my granddaughter to be able to do these things it’s up to me. She is nine years old and can sew with and without a sewing machine, mend her tights and gloves when she has holes. (happens quite often with ice skating) and can knit. She has also tried crochet and makes lovely cards for her friends. At least she knows how to do all these things now so that it only a good thing. Thank you for sharing Joanna.

  4. Diana Newson says:

    Lovely card Joanna. My granny had a button box as well and whenever we visited (we lived a fair distance away) she would get me to sort the buttons and string them into sets. It never occurred to me that they always needed sorting, she must have sat there and cut all the threads before I arrived LOL!


    This is a stunning card beautiful colours love the idea of
    the buttons i never used them in a cluster something
    i will trying x


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