New Year resolutions!

Just the one glass!

I always have a positive start to January with happy optimistic New Year resolutions and ‘things are going to change this year’ themed hopes and dreams. Then often they come crashing down when I mess up whatever my new intentions were.

Well why would that be I wonder? I suspect it’s because I set ridiculous targets. Unreachable changes are never going to happen in an instant. Habits like overeating, smoking or drinking are unlikely to magically change after the stroke of midnight on the 31st December.

I’m lucky in that I only have my ‘eating too much’ demons to conquer – smoking went out of the window nearly 40 years ago and I managed to slowly cut any alcohol I drink to a teensy minimum a year or two back. So I have hopes for 2018. The main thing for me is to eat healthy food and ‘behave’ 80% of the time and then hopefully the remaining 20% will be tolerable!

Learning Japanese… er, no.

One new year’s resolution many moons ago was to learn Japanese, I did try… however, I am not expanding my languages this year or any other year for now. I am also not planning to climb more than a local hill, so the climbing Everest and swimming the channel thoughts have been binned too!

There are other things that matter to me as resolutions though. Whether it’s an age related thing and my ambitions have mainly been met – my only thoughts and resolve right now are to help my family as much as I possibly can. To see if I can help shepherd granddaughter Grace though childhood and support my girls.

Mount Everest? I think not.

So I think this year my resolution is to pick up the phone, get in the car and generally stop relying on emails and Facebook for communicating with family – you only get one 2018 – so make the best of it and I want to feel happy next December that I did everything I could towards having a happier, well rounded life.

Happy New Year everyone, I wish us all health, contentment and laughter.

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  1. jackyh187 says:

    I think you’ve got the nail on the head.
    We all need achievable goals then we are likely to get there.
    Mine this year are to take more time out for myself. This may seem selfish, I always seem to be doing what everyone else wants to do.
    Have a lovely New Year Joanna.

  2. Eunice says:

    I’m sure your family and friends would all say you are doing fine as you are Joanna, I know all the Sheenies and your customers would.
    Wishing you, Richard and your family a happy and healthy 2018 let us hope it’s a good one.

  3. Nannieannie says:

    Happy New Year to you and your family. Good idea to pick up the phone but my family all in to texting and don’t answer the phone. Some good news for next year. I will have a new Gt Grandchild.

  4. Cheryl Bingham says:

    I’d like to echo all the sentiments in the posts above and add that my resolution for this year is to try to give a little bit back to the French community in the heart of rural Normandy that welcomed me here 9 years ago. We have a lovely retirement home in the village and I hope to go and do some cardmaking with the residents. Sending greetings cards is nothing like as big in France as in the UK although it is becoming more and more popular. Cards are very expensive and there is little variety so I hope they will find this fun and interesting.
    Wishing you, your family and all the lovely staff at Joanna Sheen a very happy and healthy 2018. x

  5. Bonnie Weakley says:

    The Happiest of New Years , let it be the Healthiest , best year of all. I too am only going to make one or two goals this year. I am going to reach my Optimal Health. To that means I have started a really wonderful Health plan. And I am just going to be my happiest self from now on. Blessings to you and yours for a wonderful 2018 Bonnie

  6. Pearl Farrier says:

    …and here’s wishing you a happy and healthy and prosperous 2018 too. Just keep being Joanna Sheen! craftihappiness everyone, luv Pearl Farrier xxx


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