Grace goes gardening!

We have a sad little 4-year old here that has been so poorly with scarlet fever, but I am happy to say she is recovering well. I rather thought scarlet fever had disappeared and was an illness from my childhood era, but it seems not and several of her friends at the nursery have had it as well.

So despite being definitely on the mend, she is still fragile and not up for the usual high jinks with Grandpa down by the swing or any rough and tumble. So one of the things Richard organised with her was some gardening and the early planting of vegetable seeds ready for summer.

It only took a few demonstrations for her to catch on how to plant them and as she explained to me later, it was a bit like putting the seeds to bed! So we now have runner beans (Scarlet Emperor and Guinness Record), radishes and cos lettuce. Several varieties of tomato, including one that promises faithfully to be blight resistant – the jury is still out on that one – and Grace’s favourite… Nasturtiums using last year’s seeds from the plants which she had kept in an envelope over the winter.

I love the fact that she understands where vegetables come from, as she and I stood in the conservatory and watched Grandpa plant out the first early potatoes, she chattered away about how she hoped the rabbits wouldn’t steal our crops this year – too many episodes of Peter Rabbit and Mr McGregor on the TV there I think!

It is such a privilege to be able to spend time with a little mind, we heard today which primary school she has been allocated (her parents first choice – yay!) and I just have to wonder where the past few years have gone – but a lovely time to share with my family.






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  1. denise stocks says:

    Hello Joanna, So sorry Grace has been unwell, but glad she’s now on the mend
    and enjoying gardening. Happy days Denise

  2. Anne Borrill says:

    So pleased she’s getting better. Not a very nice illness. It’s unbelievable how many ADULTS don’t know about seeds and planting, and I read somewhere the other day 17% of Americans think chocolate milk comes from brown cows. I took that with a pinch of salt….but I’m not sure

  3. Nina Spear says:

    I can’t believe Grace is going to school soon, how time flies. Hope she is back to full strength soon. My daughter had this when she was eight and I can remember what a miserable time she had of it too. Best wishes to you all x

  4. Nannieannie says:

    Hello Joanna. I am also sorry Grace has been so poorly. Yes I am afraid Scarlet Fever is still around. I don’t remember anyone having it when I was growing up but it has made a comeback. Glad she is enjoying gardening.

  5. Eunice says:

    Poor Grace how horrible for her, I’m sure helping Grandpa helped to take her mind of things. Hope she will be fully recovered very soon

  6. Pearl Farrier says:

    Oh how precious! I hope that Grace is soon on the mend with a complete recovery. Such a shame to be ill, especially with school on the horizon. Pearl of Kinver xxx

  7. kittikat says:

    So pleased that Grace is starting to feel a little better – my, hasn’t she grown up. It is lovely to be able to spend time with her before she starts school (and being productive too is a bonus). I am sure Grandpa appreciates the help. Love to all.Kate x

  8. Susie Pinder says:

    So sorry that grace has is feeling unwell, but so lucky to have Grandparents who are there to help look after her and have the time and patience to show her new things to do that she is interested in and will stay with her for life. Today was my 61st birthday and my husband drove myself and my younger brother to RHS Wisley for the day – as we walked around we both spoke of the lovely way our paternal grandparents taught us to grow veg Carrots are ‘fluffy top’s, parsnips are ‘Leafy tops’. My husband was amazed. Look forward to seeing pictures of the growing verg.


    I am sorry to hear that Grace has had Scarlet Fever and I hope that she will be well again soon.

    I saw that she likes to pick the corms from the Nasturtiums. Dad and I used to do this when we lived in Lower Largo so that we would have a lovely display the following year. Fife County Council, as it was then, gave everyone a large garden in our street and in Station Park so that we could grow lots of fruit, vegetables and flowers. I often wish that we still had Mum and Dad’s house in Lower Largo, although I do like our own house here in Livingston.

  10. Eileen Whitehead says:

    Sadly my late husband had Scarletina in the 1930’s and was placed in our local isolation hospital where he was ensconced in his bed on the open-air verandah during the day. He was not allowed visitors.
    Happy Grace is blessed and looked after by a loving family.

    • Joanna Sheen says:

      Ah yes, Eileen, Scarlatina, I’d forgotten it was called that as well. How awful for your husband not to be allowed visitors. Thank goodness things have changed since then. Joanna

  11. Jan White says:

    I am sorry to hear that Grace has been poorly. Hope she gets better soon. Been poorly myself so I know how it feels!!

    Please that she is taking up gardening – hope the seeds blossom for her.


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