Why butterflies are best!

Butterflies are unendingly popular – and not just popular with us crafters, but also the world. They are beautiful fragile fluttery little things (and sometimes not so little) that captivate us all.

Butterflies also demonstrate so well how a very average looking young person can change into a real beauty as they mature – sadly it sometimes works the other way too and stunning little Hollywood starlets can look wonderfully average as adults!

For those of us fascinated by crafting, of any type, the butterfly has many good points. They are beautiful in shape and colour and can be the focus of any project, blending with any natural world theme. But the best – and I mean THE best – reason why I use butterflies so often is that they are the best mistake coverer uppers (is that a word?!) ever

So many times I have slipped with the glue, designed something and then hated the spacing, or had a helpful animal or small child add a pawprint or handprint that I needed to cover to save my projects. Enter the butterfly either in 2D or 3D and your project is saved.

I have often cut a little extra butterfly out and used it to make the card better balanced. As I mentioned I have covered marks/glue that shouldn’t be visible, but also adding a butterfly can just give your project that perfect finish and extra lift. These Jane Shasky butterflies come in a pad brimming with little butterflies and you can use them as the focal points like these examples or grab one to flutter on the side of a topper to make something wonderful!

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  1. WheelyBad says:

    Hi Joanna

    Love butterflies, my garden is a butterfly and bee friendly place. I have wild flowers (ones I just let grow- what others call weeds! Plus ones I have brought and sown purposefully), blue bells, buddleia and lavender. I’m proud that compared to 6 or 7 years ago, I have many more of both species visit. My craft room is similar except this time is stamps, dies, toppers, Digi stamps etc. You’re so right, a card will often end up with a die cut butterfly (or flower, or card Candi, or diamonds etc) to cover a smudge or stray blob of ink! I have cog dies to do the same on mens cards! Will definitely check out the topper pad, if there’s a butterfly on the market I usually need it… I can find a space amongst my stash for it, somewhere!

    T x

  2. kittikat says:

    I love butterfles, unfortunately, up til now, we haven’t had many in the garden – we live on the edge of the moors. However we are trying very hard to make the garden more wildlife friendly, the birds are back and hopefully the butterflies will follow once the flowers are out. Love them in crafting too. Hugs Kate x


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