The merry merry month of May!

Forgive me if I am repeating myself… but I LOVE May! It is the month when spring reaches its zenith and summer just starts to sneak in with (hopefully!) some extra warmth…

This year has been very odd with a horribly cold and wet early spring meaning the poor trees and plants seem to have gone into overdrive to get established and then produce their blossom over a very short period of time in an attempt to catch up. Not only does this show the adaptability of Mother Nature, it has also resulted in some spectacular amounts of blossom. As the saintly Monty Don said on Gardener’s World last week, he has never seen so much blossom in his lifetime – and he is in his early 60s. Amazing – the blossom I mean, not his age!

Wisterias are looking as if they will swamp entire buildings and the scent is just amazing! Fruit trees burst into a great froth of blooms – and then seemed over in a flash. All sorts of wildflowers have been flowering together, resulting in some gorgeous colour mixes and amazing vistas. Bluebells, while prolific this year, have run into the emergence of the ferns. The new bright green ferns shooting up among them are diluting their magnificent purple/blue colour somewhat. Different – but no less stunning.

Not knowing much about it, I can only assume the effect on insects and wildlife will be equally ‘rearranged’ by this topsy-turvy weather. I’ve heard more cuckoos this year than I have before and there seem to be a great many swallows about… which I guess must mean more insects thanks to the masses of blossom! And so it goes around.

As long as mankind doesn’t interfere too much with its chemicals and denuding of the countryside, we can rely on Mother Nature to sort it all out for herself. If only other problems in the world could be managed in the same way

PS. Just had to add that I thought the flowers at the royal wedding were absolutely stunning! The entrance to St George’s Chapel was fantastic! What did you think?


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  1. Pearl Farrier says:

    Yes, a merry month indeed Joanna! I love the mauve and blue flowers of May. My Wisteria is magnificent again, although the flowers were late so I have lots of foliage too this year. A visitor to our house commented on how lovely it is and the scent has been better than ever this year – it’s only taken 14 years for it to be so lovely. The bluebells in Kinver – the native not Spanish variety have also been great to see and i took a friend on a walk into the woods to see them. Our Ceanothus, green and variegated, have been great flowering shrubs this year too. Maybe the wet spring helped. It’s raining today in Kinver and I have just managed to get some weed and feed onto the lawn in a lull between showers. However as we have very sandy soil, my Buddleia is suffering so I’m having to water it every day to keep it from wilting, except today though. Thank you for such a lovely article – and yes! I did think that the flowers at the Royal Wedding were magnificent.


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