Art Nouveau or Art Deco?

Art Nouveau continues to be one of the most popular themes for card making designs. I can understand why, it’s very attractive and there are so many beautiful designs you can create with this era of images.

I do love feminine cards and I find a lot of Art Nouveau designs create lovely toppers and contents for ladies’ cards – but if you need to make a man’s birthday card, maybe he’d be very happy with a trio of dancing girls, but maybe not! However, the more traditional Art Deco themes, like the card on the right, could easily work for a man.

Neither of these cards is too complicated and with the use of your trusty die cutting machine, you can be up and sticking in minutes.

The card on the left also uses one our super handy corner dies Art Nouveau SD614 together with the Dancing Lady SD610. The card on the right mixes in the Art Deco Border SD616 with the Art Deco Background SD417.

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