Another day trip suggestion – a safari park!

A stunning giraffe!

I heard from many of you when I did the Peppa Pig report and so I thought it might be fun if I did another write up about a family day out – this time we all went to West Midlands Safari Park. It was a fabulous day – I always love spending time with all the family – but I think this was, even more, up my street than Peppa Pig – the animals are amazing!!

But let’s start at the beginning. There’s a safari route through the park, not unlike Longleat but without the monkeys, which pleased Richard no end as his car would be safe! At West Midlands, there are more animals and some amazing opportunities for close up viewing – as you can see from the pictures. The highlight of the trip for me will always be feeding the giraffes – such gorgeous creatures and very gentle.

A rude antelope type thing, just before it butted me on the chin!

The same cannot be said for the antelope type things (yep sorry I forgot all the different names, there were so many), they were rude! I bought animal feed as I knew I wanted to feed the giraffes but the antelope things were far more food aware than you would believe. They had mastered the ‘staggered highwayman’ approach with one standing in the centre of the road every 20 yards or so. I wondered if they had a specific patch that each controlled, a bit like drug dealers.

Anyway they pushed and shoved, gobbled food at the speed of light and one even biffed me on the chin when I leant back into the car to stop it grabbing all the food, I wanted it to feed a giraffe! There were lions and tigers – just look at the photos! – and then, much to Grace’s delight, roller coasters and watery rides to go on! There’s also a sea lion show and penguins and a chance to interact with nasty slimy giant snails that Grace loved – ugh!

Ugh!!!!! Grace thought these were wonderful – Granny did not!

We definitely have a Disney pal for Richard with Grace’s enthusiasm for nasty fling-you-about-fast rides. As usual, I spent my time sitting on a bench looking after the bags – ooh I hate roller coasters! If you have smaller people to amuse for the day I highly recommend it and even if you need to amuse older people like me it’s a fabulous day out. And as I mentioned them in my last report, the facilities here were also excellent and spotless.

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  1. denise stocks says:

    Hi Joanna, Glad you had a lovely day, the pictures are very good, you could have been on safari.( I’m with you about the snail ) This is not far from Birmingham but have never been. Might give it a go when I’ve had my hips done. Cooler today thank heavens .

  2. Bonnie Weakley says:

    something I’ve always wanted to do . We have one about 100 miles from us, a nice day trip for old retired folk. We had lots of snails( slugs) where I grew up and since I was always bare footed I stepped on a few, UGH!

  3. Mary Huggins says:

    Agree with you Joanna this is a lovely day out such a lot to do and see. An added bonus they usually give you a free return visit !
    We took my Mum there for her 80th birthday many years ago…our children held a snake and my Mum remarked i never would have thought i would touch one in my life ! Wonderful memories and we have returned often since with our grandchildren.
    Another great day out is the Cotswolds wildlife park at Burford, loads to see and do there with little ones as well !

  4. Tina Dorr says:

    Whipsnade is a lovely place to visit. That too has a drive through safari bit, we were held hostage by camels at one time.


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