A fountain for the birds!

With the heat we are having this summer, I have noticed lots of birds (and I don’t blame them) searching out water to bathe in or just cool off!

We don’t have a fountain as classic or splendiferous as the one on the card on the left, but they have been sploshing about in our far less elegant birdbath and flying around the shallow part of the stream that runs through our garden.

The fountain card is deceptively simple, as it’s just a folded little card placed horizontally and then the oval shape is attached to stick over the top – no clever folds or tricky bits. The corner die cuts look beautiful and take only moments to cut out – they are Signature Dies – Art Nouveau Mirrored Pair SD615. The Classic Fountain die is SD618.

The second card is again a quick and easy, “Oh My Goodness!” card. I always have a variety of these designs in my head for the times when I forget a card or when I need a card instantly. The background is created from the Signature Dies – Hydrangea Frame SD606 and then you just pop an oval and a couple of tails over the top – and hey presto!

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  1. Pearl Farrier says:

    Lovely cards Joanna and the dies look fab so I will be investing soon. The birds do love a bath don’t they? Thank you for sharing.

  2. shirley Shaw says:

    This post is nothing to do with the lovely cutting die, but just plain Curiosity about something else!
    In your emails the photograph of you sitting at your desk shows an Enormous book on your left-hand side. I have often wondered what on earth it must be. Please satisfy my curiosity – I am very nosey I know!

    • Joanna Sheen says:

      Hi Shirley, not nosey, just inquisitive! It isn’t actually a book, but a storage box that looks like a book, with two smaller book style storage boxes inside. They are very pretty, regret I can’t remember where I bought them from, it was a few years ago now. Have a look online and you might find something similar. Smiles, Joanna


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