Moorland and paws – a winning combination!

Rachel, one of the owners of Moorland Paws, with Moss and her friend Ziggy at the opening event.

At a time when so many high street shops are closing, it’s great to hear about a new business opening up. I like to visit Chagford for a mooch around the shops and perhaps a visit to a tea shop, it’s a pretty little town up on Dartmoor, and a great place for walking especially if you have a dog. My friend Julia’s dog, Moss the Dartmoor Dog Blogger, was invited to the opening of a new shop in the town called Moorland Paws that caters for both dogs and people!

The shop (a former bank – not many of those left on any high street, sadly) has been kitted out to sell just about everything a dog could need from bowls to beds and from leads to treats. It specialises in ‘natural’ pet care and all the products are made in the UK, contain no chemicals and are cruelty-free. And if that wasn’t enough, there’s also a dog grooming studio spa for all their health and beauty needs!

Nordic walking poles to keep you fit!

For humans, there’s a range of Nordic walking poles, which are a great way to help keep you fit and make walking on the moor (or anywhere else) easier.

Moss attended the event with her friend, Ziggy, and they had a lovely time, sampling treats and saying ‘hi’ to lots of their doggy friends. Moss is quite a rufty tufty outdoor girl and didn’t much fancy a trip to the spa, but she was very keen on a nice new bed (which she didn’t get as she tends to chew them!) and some tasty snacks!

These dog treats look good enough for humans to eat!

The shop has been set up by two enterprising local ladies, Denise and Rachel, and their respective dogs (of course) Winnie and Bailey. Judging by how busy the opening night was, the new shop should be a great success.



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    I like the fact that people can take their dogs with them to this new tearoom and shop. It is good to see more speciality shops opening up. I don’t have a dog now but I had Pat when I was 11 until I was 27 years old. He would have loved something like this.
    I think that our Ollie would too. He loves people, but he is a budgie so I don’t think that he would be allowed to come to something like this. We do take him on holiday with us. We took him to Pickering last year. Our family sometimes goes to a tearoom in Stow, in the Scottish Borders. It is nearer to Livingston where we live and we can get the train to Stow now. The previous owner used to bring her dog to the tearoom. The dog had a space in the corner of the tearoom and was popular with the customers.

  2. Tracy Welham says:

    Lovely post. I love to hear about Moss’ adventures on her Facebook page, my own dog finds her most amusing. Creative Blessings, Tracy x


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