Christmas abroad

I am very keen on my traditional British Christmas – from stockings and trees to families and board games.
So how, I wonder, will any of our friends and family members who are living abroad be celebrating, probably in sweltering heat and beautiful sunshine.

My younger daughter will (I desperately hope) be given leave to come home for a few days, so I won’t have to ponder how Christmas Day is spent in Singapore. However one of the ladies that work here, now has two daughters living in Australia. I understand there will be much barbecuing, swimming and happy celebrating and they reckon Christmas is just as fun as in the UK.

I do contemplate the idea of a Christmas holiday somewhere hot like the Caribbean – may be a luxury cruise so I don’t have to cook – but I always end up shaking my head and muttering, “Nope, home is best!”

For anyone that has family or friends living far, far away, here are a couple of ideas for cards and remember it’s really early for the last posting date!

Smiles Joanna

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  1. kittikat says:

    My Aunt emigrated to New Zealand about 50 years ago. She still doesn’t like getting ‘non-traditional’ cards and has loved making traditional Christmas cards using the pads ordered from you Joanna. Her friends are getting used to her by now.

    No I can’t imagine Christmas in the warmth either. I hope your daughter can get home. Kate x

  2. janet says:

    I only had 5 British Christmases before we emigrated, then one on board ship and after that, lovely warm Christmases when mum cooked a chicken the night before (a real treat as it was expensive. Our usual meats were beef, mutton and rabbit) then she made super salads on Christmas morning while dad usually took us to the nearby beach to get us out of the way. We had our stockings from Father Christmas early -very early -then , after the lovely meal outside, we went indoors to have our gifts from mum and dad and grandparents and friend under a traditionally decorated tree (not often a fir though!). We got a book or toy plus a clothing gift and that was our lot from our parents (and all we expected). Grandparents usually gave us books and friends and overseas relatives gave us chocolates and bath smellies. Then we played while our parents slept! I loved those simple summer Christmases and although I’m well used to cold British Christmases now, I still feel it should be warm!!


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