Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

I particularly like House type craft dies as there are so many occasions that they can cover. Moving house/new home is just the obvious one – but there are so many others.

Take the one in the lower picture with the seagulls – I think that would make an excellent retirement card – moving to a bungalow near the sea! Birthday cards obviously and then as all these dies come with “add on snow” as an extra, they are there for assorted Christmas cards too!Home Sweet Home

I love the Tudor cottage – not that it looks exactly like my thatched cottage as ours is Devon cob (a building material mainly made from mud and cow pats I believe) and no pretty Tudor beams.

The contemporary house is massively like the modern house I had in Kings Lynn many years ago – but that’s just co-incidence as these dies were all designed by Sylvie Ashton and we hadn’t met in those days – gosh in 1973 I hadn’t thought any further than flowers and wanting my own company!

The Victorian house reminds me of so many of my friends’ homes, I have a real love of bay windows, so that part particularly makes me smile. I always hoped I might end up with a home from that era but it was not to be, having said that I wouldn’t swap my thatched cottage for anything!

There are several other Signature die-cuts on these cards and as I play with dies, I am always happily reminded that there a million and one things you can do with them apart from your first or the obvious thought.

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  1. PEARL FARRIER says:

    Love these house dies Joanna, they’re on my list for the new year, I’ve spent up for now!! have a lovely Christmas and a prosperous 2019 xxx


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