For a very special friend…

I am completely in love with the images of small children that Donald Zolan drew, we talk to his daughter for licensing his artwork now. It is just so innocent and reminds one of times gone by – I realise we all still feel we are only 29(!) but at the risk of repeating myself, times were different when I was young. The freedom and joy that we had wandering around in nearby fields and woods is not something many parents feel they can allow today.

This birthday card is for a very special friend as you can see and I love the way our pads include some sentiments, borders, decoupage pieces etc. It’s like having a little card kit in a neat tidy pad. The backing papers on this card came from some of our CDs, the sea (a very useful paper that we use a lot) is on CD2 of the Thomas Kinkade CD set and the leafy design is on the Janet Kruskamp CD.

I know CDs are somewhat out of favour currently in comparison to their heyday, but I will always use them as they are a handy library facility for paper storage!

Even if it’s not your birthday today – have a happy day.

Smiles, Joanna


Happy House-Mouse smiles!

The one thing I can rely on sending with every House-Mouse card I make, is a smile. I think every image we have available from Ellen’s talented hand makes me smile and this bathing in the sink picture is no exception.

I think this would make a great new baby card as well as a birthday card, mother’s day or just a cheer up card! The image is from the cardmaking pad entitled Celebration and the sheet includes all the pieces needed for the decoupage.

Collecting the CDs we have produced and some cardmaking pads gives you a wide range of smiley ideas to send for any occasion!

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Especially for you…

I think poppies must be amongst the most popular flowers apart, perhaps, from roses. I often look at the top five popular flowers listed on internet sites. One recent suggestion I saw was Narcissus, Poinsettia, Lilies, Tulips and Chrysanthemums – and although I love all those flowers I can’t say they would be my top five… but I suspect a lot of us would include poppies!

This 8” x 8” card uses an image from the Daphne Brissonet cardmaking pad 1 on our website and has been mixed with an x-cut embossing folder (Delicate flourish) and a Tonic die set (Floral frames).

I can’t recommend Daphne Brissonet’s work too highly, I have loved creating with it!


Thomas Kinkade – again!

Ok I’m sorry I do use Thomas Kinkade’s work a lot don’t I? But I do find so many people love being sent cards with his images on them. This is just a birthday card but it has lovely decoupage details on and even one of the little Signature shapes that we sell – love that little heart.

The backing paper is from One Summer’s Day – which features artwork from an American artist called Barbara Mock. This is another handy CD to have as there’s so much on it, it really contributes to your image and backing paper library!

I love the way Thomas Kinkade’s cottage all look as though there’s a light on inside and on this particular painting I like the way the far distance is all misty – magical artwork! The image is from the Thomas Kinkade Everyday cardmaking pad together with loads of other that will create beautiful cards.


Thinking of you…

There are times for all of us when we want to send a hug through the post to someone. Whether they have lost someone dear, a pet, been unwell, lost their job – oh a million and one reasons that can make us all sad. A card can be a really nice way to show you care and can mean more than just picking up the phone – although I would encourage you to do that too!

This design is from the Thomas Kinkade Everyday Paper pad from our website and I think this picture is very useful for a huge range of issues from happy, sad to randomly everyday! The great thing with the paper pads is that you get the image and the sentiment (and other bits and pieces) all on the same sheet, so there’s no scrabbling around for extras apart from perhaps some embellishments!

You can see the whole contents of the pads by clicking on the product on the website so that you know what you are getting before you buy – couldn’t be easier!

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