House-Mouse sewing card

housemousesewingmontageThis card was made as a special tribute to Suzanne’s late mother. They shared so many sewing interests and as you turn the pages in this card, you see all the aspects of sewing that they enjoyed together. I think it’s a lovely tribute and shows that House-Mouse has multiple uses, not just to make us laugh!

The main ingredients apart from obviously the white pearlised card come from the following CDs:

House-Mouse Triple CD

House-Mouse Decoupage CD

House-Mouse Volume 1 Project Book
The pretty edges are all created with the set of 5 Signature Edger Dies – add a bit of ribbon and thread and you are away!

Thank you Suzanne for making this for us – I took it up to Create and Craft for one of my TV shows, but as is sometimes the case I just wasn’t able to show it as time whizzes past and before you know it the show is over and I often think – ‘Oh but I didn’t show..’ and ‘Oh what about…?’ so it’s lovely to give the card a blog all to itself!





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Beautiful Pansies

pansiesEveryone loves pansies (don’t they?) and I am sure this card will go down a storm with so many people. I am just pondering planting a batch of winter pansies in a hollow cavity wall that surrounds my patio. It has geraniums in it all summer – I just hesitate about how much 40ft worth of pansy plants might cost from the garden centre! My precious geraniums have been upgraded to pots in a nice warm summerhouse to help them last through the winter and smile again come the spring – and save a small fortune in buying new plants. Hmmm, maybe I should invest in a greenhouse…

This image is from one of my favourite CDs “One Summer’s Day” – a real must have for your collection, it’s one of a very small bundle that I keep out on my desk at all times as I use it so often. The pansy die is from the Signature Garden Flowers set and the border is the Signature Diana Lace Ribbon. All easy to use and in the case of the pansies, fun to colour.

The most effective thing on the card is the quick layer of crystal lacquer (or glossy accents or whatever you have) on the ceramic pot that holds the pansies. It really catches the eye and adds some important texture.

Right, I shall go back to my thinking … should I buy loads of pansy plants – go without and wait for spring – or buy a few and have a meagre filling in the wall?


Take note!

thankyounotebookfrontI know we usually make cards with our paper crafting stash, but it’s fun to make something different for a change. I am also a great believer in trying to come up with projects that use your scraps.

This little notebook was made by Angela for my October TV show and I thought what a brilliant little stocking filler or gift it would make.

All you need is a notebook with a good sturdy cover and I would suggest spiral bound is easier to work on, but it’s up to you. The scene here is made by using a blue sky backing paper … You will find some on our Joanna Sheen backing papers pad volume 2 or just use some pale blue card and add a cloud or two! The grass can be made with thick paper or card and tear it to make the rough curves of the hills and valleys. Then play with any flower dies that you have.
The back of the pad looks nice if you decorate it too and perhaps add a little gift tag, this says who it is from but also creates a space on the back of the pad for little notes the recipient may want to carry.

Have fun!


Lovely garden flower dies …

lovelyflowerdiesOn Thursday this week I’m launching a new set of garden flower dies as well as some nifty edging dies too! I confess I have totally fallen in love with the cards we have all made for the two shows, so if you have time on Thursday 27th, there’s a show on Create and Craft TV at noon and another at 3pm.

This card uses the lily of the valley option from the set of garden dies. The main image is from the Jane Shasky double CD – one I keep beside my computer as it is my real ‘go to’ answer for card making!

This sample was made by Suzanne and it’s really pretty isn’t it? It’s not too difficult (many of the nicest cards are straightforward) and needs few instructions apart from noting that the case, the lenses in the pair of glasses and the tea in the cup have all had a quick coat of crystal lacquer. This adds some lovely highlights and just finishes the card perfectly.

The other thing worthy of a mention is the green tinged edging that’s made by swiping a distress ink pad gently around the edge. This ageing, or distressing, looks so effective and is a very simple technique to apply.

So whether you set your recorder, or watch live, do tune in to see all the samples. The set of edger dies is in the afternoon and I have some really fun ideas for you to copy!


Wisteria tunnel

WisteriaThanksWisteria looks amazing however it appears in your garden – but one of the most beautiful displays I have ever seen was a tunnel of wisteria, grown over metal arches. This card reflects the same feel.

You need a set of nesting dies – there are many that would work, it just needs one of the ends to be curved. You could use any arch window die – or as Sylvie did when she made this particular card as a sample for my July TV show – a Spellbinders labels 10 die and then hand cut the straight pieces with a good craft knife.

Thomas Kinkade is an excellent choice for the cottage at the end of the tunnel but there are images in our Sung Kim pads too – or even a stamped image if you prefer. Build the tunnel as you go along, place the first layer and then add some wisteria onto that (I like Glossy Accents and a cocktail stick). I find the easiest way with our flower dies is to cut loads out of good white card – I use Elegance Satin 300gsm from our website, and then use pens (Promarkers work brilliantly on Elegance Satin) to tint the flowers to the shade you want.

Gradually build the layers adding wisteria as you go along, remembering that the bottom has to remain level. Finally, add a little sentiment at the top.