Vintage Lily of the Valley Card

It fascinates me how you can twist the look of a card just by changing the colour. If this design had been made in vibrant greens and say electric blue or neon orange it would have looked horribly contemporary. I just love the soft gently vintage look, I find it so restful and professional looking. Probably no sane reason for that, just personal taste but hey ho! Not long till the real lily of the valley appear in my garden – yay!



  1. Print out two co-ordinating backing papers from the CD. Cut a piece of leaf design paper to measure 14.5cm square and fix to the card blank.
  2. Cut a strip of the second paper to measure 14.5cm by 5.5cm and mat onto Kraft card. Fix on the left side of the card as shown.
  3. Cut a strip of cream card 3.5cm by 14.5cm and glue over the backing paper panel.
  4. Die cut the border in Kraft card and glue over the cream strip.
  5. Die cut an oval from cream card and mat onto a scalloped edge oval. Fix on the right hand side of the card.
  6. Die cut the lily of the valley several times from cream card and colour the stems and leaves with the green pen. Use glue gel to create a 3D arrangement of flowers.
  7. Finish by adding the sentiment.

Lovely lilac!

I have found myself using this Daphne Brissonet pad over and over again, she just has a style that is spot on for so many of my relations and friends. I flick through ideas either in my basket of “I am bound to use this sometime” or on the website and time and time again her name pops up. This is Pad 2, but both are lovely!

The backing (yet again) comes from the Jane Shasky CD – have to say if you are into flowery cards of any kind, it is a gold mine of papers and toppers etc – I use it more than any other CD I reckon. It really is a very straightforward card – for a change, the fold is across the top of the card – but you could have done it with the fold down the left hand side – it’s a square card so it doesn’t matter a jot!

It’s a 7” square card (think that’s about 180mm) and a lot of the pretty effects are produced by the subtle matting with different colours. But best of all of course is our pretty Signature die called Buddleia … yes I know it’s not lilacs but if you won’t tell then neither will I! The final embellishment was the flat backed trio of pearls – how I love using pearls on a card – hmm you’d noticed… ok!


Making anniversaries special…

Anniversaries are very important to some people… but sometimes a couple can completely forget the correct date, can’t they Richard?! I don’t think the exact date always matters, but what is important is that you still love and honour each other.

A bunch of flowers on a Tuesday because he was thinking about me is every bit as wonderful as the bouquet that arrives on ‘our day’. A spontaneous ‘date night’ when we disappear off to the cinema and have a KFC takeaway afterwards is just as precious to me as a long planned trip to a Michelin starred restaurant in Paris would be.

There are also lots of different anniversaries we can celebrate. Five years at work, 40 years from the date we met a special friend – all these things are important too. This card was made thinking of a wedding anniversary, but perhaps we should remember others as well. Here are some instructions for it.

Products needed for the project


  1. Cut out the pieces of decoupage from the Jane Shasky decoupage collection. Using glue gel layer the pieces up – giving them shape to look more realistic.
  2. Mat and layer the pink gingham and pink pearl.
  3. Die cut the Filigree Aperture, Clarissa Lace Edger and Butterfly Flourish out of the pearl card. Place the Aperture die on a slant on the left side of the project, lay the decoupage flowers and Clarissa die on the right side.
  4. Spray the Butterfly flourish and cover with the fine glitter. Cut another Flourish in lemon pearl and offset onto the white to leave a shadow effect and add the sentiment.
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Zodiac cards

Choosing someone’s sign of the zodiac is a great way to ensure you create a really personalised card! Whether you are a die hard fan of horoscopes or, like me, read them occasionally and only believe it if it’s something good, a zodiac card is sure to prove a hit.

We have designed a set of zodiac dies with the help of Sylvie Ashton. The great thing about all of them is that, yes, they have the sign in the middle but there are also frames around each one so you could use just the frame. By cutting out the zodiac detail inside you are left with lots of space and room for designs, photos or whatever you like.

Here are a few designs to show you what can be done and there are more to see on the website and, of course, you can have a good look around the actual set of dies on the website too!


Eau de Parfum

An unapologetically girly card for today – just the thing for a Mum, sister or best friend – I love this artwork from Daphne Brissonet. If you look on the website you can see what’s in each pad and I bet, like me, you will be hard pressed to choose a favourite!

Here’s a quick round up of the main ingredients:

Signature dies: Rose leaves and poppy and any make of photo corner punch

Daphne Brissonet pad 1 and the Jane Shasky double CD (much loved here!)

Cardstock in cream, grey and green

The lovely colour scheme of this card relies heavily on the matting and layering. I love the soft grey with the cream and pink. Also note that although the flower die is sold as a poppy, colour changed and doubled up like this it makes a lovely rose type flower – the joy of flexible dies! Have fun…