House-Mouse Celebrations

I thought I would show you this card again – some of you may recognise it from many years ago, but to show you how much I loved it, this has been on my craft room wall all this time. I loved making it and have treasured it and refused to give it away to anyone. How mean am I? Do you ever make cards that you can’t face parting with?

The patchwork background is not too difficult to make, just rather time–consuming. I used a couple of papers that, in those days, we sold in packs but you can buy them now on the House-Mouse decoupage CD. Then I picked a light and olive green to blend with them. Carefully I snipped out lots of one–inch squares, centring the little mousey faces and the wood effect HM paper is also in one–inch squares. The green I cut into one–inch squares and then snipped across the diagonal to make them into triangles.

There are four squares of patchwork that I stuck onto plain white paper and then trimmed that away to give it more strength. I then constructed the card with copper card on a pearl white card blank. The mouse and leaves were all stamped and cut out but again you could use a suitable image from the House-Mouse Decoupage CD.

There is a shortcut you could take that wasn’t available in those days – how about just die cutting patchwork shaped pieces with one of our Signature Dies Patchwork? I would suggest using the smallest size.

Sometimes cards are fiddly but they give a lot of pleasure once they’re finished … and guess what? It is going straight back onto my craft room wall, I’m not parting with this one!


New videos planned for the website

Here’s a little heads up about our plans for the website (and this blog) in the next week or three. I thought it might be fun to make some videos that show you clear demonstrations.

I haven’t been able to go up to Peterborough (Create and Craft) to take part in programmes for a little while now and I miss the demonstrating and very good reasons to make cards! I am happy that this is my time to be here for my parents, heavens they gave me enough help and love when I needed it, but a crafter can’t be starved of card making for too long!

The card you can see here will be the first video as it’s one of those cards that are so much easier to show rather than to tell how to create!

The image is from our Daphne Brissonnet pad and the fan dies are from our Signature range, the fans (all of them) come in among my top ten Signature die choices.

So be patient with me and the videos will start shortly … I am hoping for next week but sometimes life gets in the way so it would be the week after. Hope you’ll enjoy them.


Gardenia Bliss!

Gardenias are a truly vintage style flower that always reminds me of the glamour of the 1950s and times gone by. I am very fond of this image from our Daphne Brissonnet Pad and I love this lacy card.

Apart from the pad obviously you will need a nice lacy die… look no further the Signature dies range has several, this particular one is called Georgina lace ribbon. We decided to pick girls’ names for the various lace designs and now of course we all want our own name or granddaughters/daughters names to be the best sellers.

I think the magic finishing touch on this card is the self-adhesive pearls placed on the lace, they are very inexpensive and they do give a very special touch!

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Just coasting along…!

Here’s something a little bit different for you today. We sell all sorts of shapes and sizes of MDF pieces. Recently, we introduced two shapes of coaster mats and Eunice Meeus has made some lovely examples to inspire everyone to have a go. I personally use loads of coasters as I carry mugs of tea and coffee all over the house, so I have them in many different rooms. If you have some CDs, paper and coasters, you are well on your way to creating what I think would make an amazing present.

The instructions below were created by Eunice too so a big ‘thank you’ to Eunice!

You will need 


  1. Decide on your image and print onto A4 paper, it may seem a waste but it means you can place the coaster exactly in the area you want to use and have some left over for another project
  2. Lay the coaster down on the wrong side of the backing paper and draw around it in pencil 
  3. Now over cut on the outside of you pencil mark, this makes it easier to handle
  4. Apply the ready mixed adhesive wallpaper paste to the coaster
  5. Place your image on the table with the wrong side of the image face up so you can see the pencil line
  6. Carefully pick up your coaster by the edges and place it sticky side down inside the pencil mark and gently put pressure on
  7. Leave to dry for about an hour, then check that it is firmly stuck to the coaster, if it lifts anywhere you can apply more paste with a small paint brush and leave again to dry
  8. When you are sure it is firmly stuck down trim the excess paper from around the edges
  9. Now, very gently sand the edges starting on the image and moving down over the edge of the coaster
  10. Finally apply two coats of the varnish, leaving to dry in between each coat.



For a very special friend…

I am completely in love with the images of small children that Donald Zolan drew, we talk to his daughter for licensing his artwork now. It is just so innocent and reminds one of times gone by – I realise we all still feel we are only 29(!) but at the risk of repeating myself, times were different when I was young. The freedom and joy that we had wandering around in nearby fields and woods is not something many parents feel they can allow today.

This birthday card is for a very special friend as you can see and I love the way our pads include some sentiments, borders, decoupage pieces etc. It’s like having a little card kit in a neat tidy pad. The backing papers on this card came from some of our CDs, the sea (a very useful paper that we use a lot) is on CD2 of the Thomas Kinkade CD set and the leafy design is on the Janet Kruskamp CD.

I know CDs are somewhat out of favour currently in comparison to their heyday, but I will always use them as they are a handy library facility for paper storage!

Even if it’s not your birthday today – have a happy day.

Smiles, Joanna