Valentine card with an unusual message…!

It’s nearly Valentine’s Day and for inspiration I turned to the Jayne Netley Mayhew decoupage collections. This particular design is part of her Summer collection but doubles brilliantly as a Valentine card.

The design is pretty simple to cut out with very few difficult details and red roses always appeal! The backing paper can be picked from any CD you have handy or ready printed papers. The shaped card is made using a Nestability set – but if you want to take a short cut you could perhaps use a shaped corner punch on the four corners of the card instead.

The embellishments are all from the collection that Pam, who made this card, has collected over the years but there are loads of little charms to be found online.

How about making your other half a card and then inside adding an IOU for a little treat once the weather gets a bit warmer, like a picnic or a day at the zoo!?



An ‘anyday’ card!

I have lots of friends that I share tea with – in fact coming round for a coffee, or a tea, is an enjoyable way to spend time. This card would be perfect for a friend as a birthday or ‘anyday’ card.

I am a huge fan of anyday cards, sometimes I feel they can carry more love and cheerfulness than a birthday or specific occasion card. It’s great to have a handmade birthday card but you are probably going to receive quite a few cards on that day. Whereas an anyday card can arrive when you are least expecting it and will cast a huge ray of sunshine onto your day!

This card was made using the Gruffies CD which is so useful for all ages and both sexes. The aperture containing tea was made by attaching two suitably sized pieces of backing paper onto a piece of acetate, leaving a gap between the two. Then pour some tea leaves onto the acetate central panel and edge around the tea panel with 2mm foam tape. Finally stick a sheet of white card over the top to seal the tea panel. This can now be added to your card. Decorate the cut edges of the tea panel with cut out pieces of frame from a topper like the one used as the main focal point. Any tea bag will do but if you know they have a favourite… choice is easy!



Looking forward in 2014…

I always love the first few days of any New Year as there’s so much promise in what could happen in the next twelve months. If I look back over the past year many things have happened that I didn’t have a clue about this time last year, so there is always the excitement of what could be round the corner.

I know we have to take the bad times  as well as the good but I am going to try harder this year to make more good things happen. So often it’s the little things that make me feel good rather than the big things – I tidied my craft room over the Christmas holiday and that’s making me feel really good.

I’m going to give myself some ‘me’ time regularly this year, and I invested in some more scented candles and I’m going to enjoy nice perfume and maybe a book, a game or just some time cuddled up on the sofa with Wellington, whose days I know are numbered but while he is here, he is lovely to cuddle!

I’m also looking forward to finishing my second novel with my ‘partner in crime writing’, Julia. It should be finished in April or May, we are about a third of the way through at the moment. Although there’s a lot of head-scratching and plotting, it’s also exciting as the plots starts to unfold as you are never 100% sure how it is going to turn out!

Sometimes the things that make you feel good can take you by surprise, doing something that benefits someone else can be really uplifting.

On a more down to earth note I am aiming to declutter a room in my house each month this year, I don’t have twelve rooms that need decluttering but I am building in a ‘fail’ for some of the months when work gets too busy or other things grab my time and attention.

I would love to tell you that I intend to succeed spectacularly with my diet this year, but all I can do is try and be kind to myself if I falter and then fail as I have so many times before – but the trying is always the thing that counts. So my resolution for this year and the thing uppermost in my mind is going to be just that saying – the trying is always the thing that counts and who knows what will have happened by January 2015!


New Year Card

It’s sometimes useful to create a few New Year cards to make up for any Christmas cards you forgot! Or perhaps you just prefer New Year to Christmas. This image from Thomas Kincade is just perfect for that – it’s in the Cardmaking Collection Pad Two. This idea was made for us by Suzanne Saltwell.


  • 8” x 8” card blank in gold cardstock (This one is made using an A3 sheet and folding but you could use a standard white one)
  • Backing paper of skies from Thomas Kincade CD (or use any other pretty paper you have)
  • Purple and silver/white pearlised cardstock
  • Key embellishments with string
  • Sheet from Number Two pad

Cut out the clock faces, rectangular embellishment, main image and decoupage piece from the cardmaking pad.

Cut some silver card slightly smaller than main card blank and layer some backing paper, attach to card with double sided tape. Cut purple card to 7” x 5½” then layer some silver card and then more backing paper onto it and attach to the card using foam pads or tape.

Cut more purple card to 4½” x 3½” fix onto the card at an angle, then add the image layered onto silver card and fix that on top but not at the jaunty angle this time!

Decoupage with the single layer using glue gel. Finally embellish with the tied pair of keys, clock face and rectangles etc as in the photo.

Happy New Year!



Patchwork baby bib

I have found myself semi-obsessed with new baby cards recently (can’t think why!) and this patchwork baby’s bib was made for me by Sylvie Ashton.

The main point of the card was to use the patchwork dies from our Signature range and very pretty it looks too. I persuaded Sylvie to make a quick template for you to use if you want to copy the idea. You will find that on our website just here

Cut out some card using the template as your guide. This will be the card blank. Cut another bib piece and decorate with diecut patchwork pieces from our Signature dies here.  

Glue some narrow lace around the edge of the main card blank and then add the patchwork bib layer. Finally decorate with a bow and a stamped or diecut sentiment.

Hope you enjoy playing!