New Year Card

It’s sometimes useful to create a few New Year cards to make up for any Christmas cards you forgot! Or perhaps you just prefer New Year to Christmas. This image from Thomas Kincade is just perfect for that – it’s in the Cardmaking Collection Pad Two. This idea was made for us by Suzanne Saltwell.


  • 8” x 8” card blank in gold cardstock (This one is made using an A3 sheet and folding but you could use a standard white one)
  • Backing paper of skies from Thomas Kincade CD (or use any other pretty paper you have)
  • Purple and silver/white pearlised cardstock
  • Key embellishments with string
  • Sheet from Number Two pad

Cut out the clock faces, rectangular embellishment, main image and decoupage piece from the cardmaking pad.

Cut some silver card slightly smaller than main card blank and layer some backing paper, attach to card with double sided tape. Cut purple card to 7” x 5½” then layer some silver card and then more backing paper onto it and attach to the card using foam pads or tape.

Cut more purple card to 4½” x 3½” fix onto the card at an angle, then add the image layered onto silver card and fix that on top but not at the jaunty angle this time!

Decoupage with the single layer using glue gel. Finally embellish with the tied pair of keys, clock face and rectangles etc as in the photo.

Happy New Year!



Patchwork baby bib

I have found myself semi-obsessed with new baby cards recently (can’t think why!) and this patchwork baby’s bib was made for me by Sylvie Ashton.

The main point of the card was to use the patchwork dies from our Signature range and very pretty it looks too. I persuaded Sylvie to make a quick template for you to use if you want to copy the idea. You will find that on our website just here

Cut out some card using the template as your guide. This will be the card blank. Cut another bib piece and decorate with diecut patchwork pieces from our Signature dies here.  

Glue some narrow lace around the edge of the main card blank and then add the patchwork bib layer. Finally decorate with a bow and a stamped or diecut sentiment.

Hope you enjoy playing!


Winter birthdays

Much as we all enjoy Christmas, there are lots of people who have winter birthdays too and I think it’s always important to think of something non-Christmassy for them.

My daughter, who has a birthday on December 27th, was plagued by joint cards and presents from some people throughout her childhood, so we try really hard to keep them separate so she doesn’t miss out!

This is a very sweet use of our Signature die planter and lattice and the beautiful winter flowers stamp sheet.

Sylvie Ashton made this sample and as she drew the flower stamps for me, I knew she would come up with something brilliant if it needed to include them. I love the little snowflakes coming down and the “snow” that has landed on the early bulbs.

It’s never as hard as you might expect to make a scene for a card – in this case just using some midnight blue for the sky and white layers for snow make it really easy to see the planter in position.





Playing with stamps and diecuts

I love stamping, but that is such a broad term. There’s stamping direct onto a card, stamping onto paper and then matting and layering onto a card and masses of other ways too.

Best of all, in my opinion, is the technique where you stamp onto paper, colour and then cut out. I just love playing with decoupaged stamp images and, in the case of this card, scenic images.

The whole concept behind these stamps was to produce a range of garden flowers that would fit, scale-wise, into the Signature dies garden containers. So, to fulfil all my needs, we ended up with summer, winter and climbing flower stamps.

This card is 8 inches square and uses a gradient coloured background to represent the sky. Some backing paper that looks like wood has then been cut into “planks” and some brickwork made into a patio beneath the sky.

The fun for me starts with stamping away three or four of everything on the stamp sheet and colouring. I keep them all in a small box, so that if I don’t end up using them all they are there to start my design next time. My favourite flower on this whole card has to be the poppies – I just adore poppies!

Once coloured (I am currently using Graph’it markers) you can then start playing and arranging and I could happily do that for hours. It’s a bit like playing with my fuzzy felts toy when I was little – well you know what I mean!





Patchwork dreams…

I have dreamed about relaxing and quietly stitching a beautiful patchwork quilt for about thirty years now, so that’s not looking promising is it? Much as I would love to take the time to learn and to stitch something that could become a family heirloom, life seems to have got in the way.

So I am often tempted to take shortcuts that do fit into my lifestyle and one of the latest patchwork shortcuts I have designed are some patchwork-shaped dies. Signature dies now offer some mini patchwork shapes and I thought those would be fun for dolls houses, some medium and some large.

This card shows really beautifully how the large size can be used. This is an 8-inch square card and I’ve used several of the shapes. I think it also shows you how smart matting and layering can make a card look.

All the ingredients on the card are paper or card based, but do remember dies being put through most of the machines will also cut fabric – so maybe this is a shortcut to making a little material quilt? If you have a go at making one, do let me know how you get on!