Happy news, I’m back on TV!

Hmm… thinking about my demo…Just to let you all know officially that I will be back working with Create and Craft from the later part of July onwards… with probably two shows on the 25th. It will take me a little while to settle back in with the huge numbers and constant new products as, having been ‘away’ from it all for two years, it takes some adjusting!

I am very grateful to Create and Craft for being so understanding about my life decision to put caring for my parents above work and I have to say I don’t regret a moment of it, much as I missed everyone in TV land! Once my mother’s dementia gathered speed it was heartbreaking helping them live through it, but I am probably talking to a mass of other carers and many of you know how it feels. Now they are both at peace…. they died within 72 hours of each other, that really is ’till death do us part’ after 55 years or more together.

We had to film loads of the garden, it’s looking lovely just now!To launch my re-appearance on the channel, a film crew came down here last week, lovely guys and so, so very patient! You will probably be seeing the fruits of their labour as a little promo films and pieces on the website. They even filmed and interviewed all the staff which was either ‘terrifying’ or ‘good fun’ depending on who you speak to, so you can have a sneak preview of Pat’s desk or Maggie’s packing area! 

Here are some shots we took of them shooting us, so to speak … See you all soon! Smiles, Joanna.




New videos planned for the website

Here’s a little heads up about our plans for the website (and this blog) in the next week or three. I thought it might be fun to make some videos that show you clear demonstrations.

I haven’t been able to go up to Peterborough (Create and Craft) to take part in programmes for a little while now and I miss the demonstrating and very good reasons to make cards! I am happy that this is my time to be here for my parents, heavens they gave me enough help and love when I needed it, but a crafter can’t be starved of card making for too long!

The card you can see here will be the first video as it’s one of those cards that are so much easier to show rather than to tell how to create!

The image is from our Daphne Brissonnet pad and the fan dies are from our Signature range, the fans (all of them) come in among my top ten Signature die choices.

So be patient with me and the videos will start shortly … I am hoping for next week but sometimes life gets in the way so it would be the week after. Hope you’ll enjoy them.